M-Log and G-Bug

M-Log can graph data from the Gbug, a soil tension monitoring system supplied by MEA.

Gypsum blocks are installed at different depths at each site, and the data is read and transferred to a PC using a Retriever.

A Gbug site corresponds to an M-Log logger, and each gypsum block is a sensor.

Data is downloaded from the Retriever with the MEA programme Gbug.exe.

A configuration file (e.g. retset01.cfg) contains information about all the sites; with the actual data for each site saved in a separate file for each site e.g...


rt01 is the same number as in the cfg file name. The 001 etc is the site number.

{The conversion from raw data for GBHeavy and GBLight is done by Mlog using lookup tables supplied by TAIN electronics.}

When creating loggers using the FileMenu/New/Logger wizard, M-Log only needs the name of the configuration (cfg) file - from this it knows how many loggers/sites there are, the name of each site, and the DAT file names.

The DAT filename and gypsum block number are saved on the MDB tab.

The Gbug.exe sample data configuration file is retset00.cfg. {???}

Installation and configuration is described below - for further details see the M-Log manual.

Installing M-Log

Install M-Log from CD (D:\SETUP.EXE) with...

  1. Click on Start
  2. Choose Run
  3. Enter D:\SETUP.EXE (or use <Browse>)
  4. Follow the setup wizard with Next, Next
  5. Install M-Log upgrade from disk (D:\UPGRADE.EXE)
  6. Run M-Log from Start/Programs or desktop icon.
    The sample database of loggers and sensors will be listed - click on a sensor to plot the sample data.
  7. Gbug sample data files (Gbug.MDB, retset00.cfg, rt00_0001.dat) should have been installed from the CD. If not, they can be downloaded from www.rsne.com.au.

Installing Licence

M-Log needs to be licenced, although it will run for 30 days without a licence.

  1. Use FileMenu/Licence
  2. Click <Install>
  3. Email or fax the PC Serial number and you will be sent a password.
  4. Enter the password.
  5. Click <Activate>

Uploading and Processing

Data is uploaded using the MEA programme GBUG.EXE.

No processing is required because M-Log reads the native Gbug data files.

Creating loggers and sensors

You could add the Gbug data to any existing loggers you have, or you can create a new data base for the Gbug data.

(1) Use FileMenu/New/Database, and choose C:\MLOG\MLOG1.MDB.


(2) Use FileMenu/New/Logger to create a logger for each of the Gbug sites

A wizard will run.

Click Next to get to Page 2 of 14


Page 2 of 14: Choose Copy from Template and use <...> to locate the template file: Gbug.mdb.

Select Site 1, and click Next>.


Page 3 of 14: M-Log will be using the names from Gbug, so just click Next>


Page 4 of 14: M-Log will have selected data type GBug - just click Next>


Page 6 of 14: Use <...> to locate your Gbug configuration file, and click Next>


When asked 'Create a logger for all sites in CFG file ?' click 'yes'

Page 14 of 14: Click <Finish>.

You should now see all your Gbug sites, with their gypsum blocks, in the list on the left side.

Use GraphMenu/Options to customise each sensor/gypsum block.

Note: The wizard sets the datafile for each logger to the corresponding Gbug dat file. When the dat file is read by M-Log, the corresponding cfg file is also read to find out if the sensor is a Gbug Lite or Gbug-Heavy.

The wizard also copies the Gbug site name, but this can later be changed in M-Log.

Adding new Gbug sites

You may later install more Gbug measuring sites. These extra sites will need adding as new loggers in M-Log.

Use FileMenu/New/Logger

  1. Page 2/14 Choose Select 'copy from existing logger', and choose a logger to copy (line colours, etc).
  2. Page 3/14 Enter the logger (site) name.
  3. Page 6/14. Locate the dat file for the new logger/site. (not the cfg file)
  4. Next, Next and Finish.

M-Log cannot do this process automatically because it can't tell if the loggers are missing from M-Log - you may have created additional loggers for other systems.

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