Groups drop down  (11552 bytes)

Sensors can be allocated to a group, and all the sensors in the group will be selected automatically by choosing the group from the list just above the logger/sensor tree.

New groups can be created by selecting the sites with Click and Ctrl+Click in the list of sites and then use GroupsMenu/SaveAs.

Edit groups (11552 bytes)

Groups can edited (and created) with GroupsMenu/Edit.

Use <New> to create a new group. Click on a group to select a group for editing. Use the check box to add or delete sensors from the group.

The graph scale for each sensor in the group can also be set, so that when a group is chosen the graph is plotted to the same scale.

The first sensor selected is the 'primary' sensor, and will always be plotted on the left hand axis (LHS). The other sensors can be plotted to the same scale, or at their own scale on the right hand axis (RHS).