Importing and reading text files

Data files from loggers typically have a line of data corresponding to a 'scan' taken of each of the sensors at a certain date and time. The line will have the date and time, and the value of each of the sensors. The items may be separated by commas or tabs, or they can be at fixed positions. The first line(s) may be header information about each of the sensors.

A typical data line will look like...

1998 , 12, 1 , 12, 0, 33.2, 12.7, 8.9

The data can be scaled as it is imported. Some loggers record 'raw' numbers that need scaling with calibration factors. M-Log can use either a linear equations or a non-linear lookup table

A very important value is the date and time that the readings were taken - it is combined into single number to avoid all problems with Y2000, leap years, etc, and works smoothly from 1500 to 3000.

There is no standard method to record date and time. Some loggers will output...

'1/12/1998 12:00 am'

Others as comma delimited e.g.

1998 , 12, 1 , 12, 0

And others (Campbell Scientific) as days since Jan 1st e.g.

335, 12:00

M-Log can be configured to read a wide range of different formats.