New Season

At the beginning of a new growing season, users of the Probe software will need to create new farms and sites. The utility programme NS2 is designed to help with this task. It allows the new sites to be copied through from the old season, but gives the option of retaining the old Full and Refill points.

In order to allow graphs from different years and sites to be 'overlaid' RSNE recommends that the Current Extensionremains at ".NPS", and that Farm Short names should be of the form "89AB" or "90AB". (and not AB90)

In the following instructions for using NS2, it is assumed that an existing Farm with a Farm Short Name of "91AB" in data directory C:\PROBE\DATA91\ is being prepared for a new growing season in 1992.

1. Important ! Make a copy of all your data files...


2. If you want to keep the new seasons data in a separate sub-directory (and RSNE would recommend this approach), from DOS make a new directory...


3. Run the Probe software, and create a new farm with...

Short Name: 92AB (and a new farm number - you can change it later)

If the data is going into a separate sub-directory, set...

Data Path: C:\PROBE\DATA92\

4 Exit the Probe programme, and from DOS give the following commands...


If you are using a separate sub-directory...


If you are not using a separate sub-directory...

C:\PROBE\DATA92> COPY 91AB*.* 92AB*.*

You have now created a complete duplicate of Farm 91ABC, with a copy of all the readings.

Notice that the COPY command has both copied the data files and re-named them at the same time.

Delete the old readings

You now need to delete all the old readings.



Using NS2 programme

This programme is DANGEROUS - it deletes all your data !

1) Run the programme NS2



2. Choose the farm you have created (92AB), and press <Enter>

3. Choose each site that you want to prepare for a new season, and press <F10>.
You will be asked if you want the old Full and Refill Points, or an empty spreadsheet.

3. Repeat for all the sites that will be used in the new season.

When you have finished, press <Esc> to quit NS2.

Final check with PR41

Now run the Probe software, and examine the new sites.

Delete any Sites that are not being used in the new season, and create any extra sites as required.

If you prefer to use the same ID number when using the Neutron Probe in the field, use Edit/Farm to change the "new season" Farm Number , and then give the "last season" farm a different Farm Number, so that data from the Neutron Probe will be posted to the "new season" farm.