PR4 Upgrades

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Status at 22 December 2001.

All these files should be on the same disk or folder for a full installation.

Download (50 kb) INSTALL.EXE

Download (350 kb) PR41, PRXM and support files

Download (200 b) REGISTER batch file

Download (270 kb) CoDrawJr

Download (2 kb) user data sub-directory

Download (8 kb) graph examples

Download (200 kb) Sample data

Download each file by right-clicking and choosing 'save target as'. All the files should be saved to the same folder or floppy disk.
When all files have been downloaded, run the programme INSTALL and follow the prompts.

The last version of PRXM (1.0033) Download PRXM.EXE (250 kb) (has the fix for TDR heads with 2001 dates.)
Download PRXM.EXE by right-clicking and choosing 'save as'. Save it into the C:\PROBE folder, overwriting the existing PRXM.EXE.