PR41 Utility programmes

Utility programmes available for PR41...

SENTINAL.EXE(50 Kb) RSNE programme to interrogate all 4 printer ports to see if a PR41 or Prwin dongle is present.
EVAL.EXE(31 Kb) Rainbow Technologies programe to test Sentinal dongles. For futher information and FAQ see the Rainbow web site
CHOP.EXE(47 Kb) Breaks NPS data files into 64k blocks.  Needed if readings screen exceeds 365 columns. After the data files have been separated, a new season needs to be created.
TEST.EXE(22 Kb) Tests serial ports to see which port is present in the PC.  A better solution is to use PRXM which tests all ports and also uploads
NPS2TXT.EXE(45 Kb) Outputs a PR41 data file (NPS file) as a comma-delimited text file for import into Exel or other programmes. Users can specify which data item is to be output.

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