Probe for Windows2: Transfer

Files can be sent to and from web sites using ftp.

The local files can be eitehr in folders below Prwin2 (normally C:\Prwin), or on a share dnetwork drive e.g. X:\PrwinData'

The web site needs to have fodlers taht are a copy of these folders

For example, if you have local folders

C:\Prwin\abc\2007data.mdb C:\Prwin\abc\2008data.mdb C:\Prwin\abc\2009data.mdb C:\Prwin\fred\2007data.mdb C:\Prwin\xyz\2007data.mdb X:\PrwinData\mary\2007data.mdb X:\PrwinData\mary\2008data.mdb And th initial folderThen the ftp site also need