Comments from growers

"It has revolutionised the way we grow apples"
David Persse, Elgin, South Africa

"After monitoring for eight years, we now understand how almonds grow."
Tim Millen, Robinvale, Australia

"When you grow cotton in our climate you need to know precisely where every mm of water has gone."
Hugh Holland, Moree, Australia.

"If we lose our soil moisture data for more than three days, the farm is blind"
Johan Mouton, Citrusdal, South Africa

"I used to really dislike the Neutron Probe, it has now become a friend with the new program.
What used to take me hours in the hot sun now goes by in a flash, and after downloading, I just send it sailing to the growers in one push of the send button.
It has saved hundreds of pages of faxes so far this season."
(Carol, FarmEcology, Hopland, CA, USA June 2008)