Probe for Windows

The virtual test pit - an 'x-ray' of your soil

Make informed decisions based on the actual conditions in which your crops are growing. Calculate the amount of water the crop is using, and determine when irrigations are required. No more guess work and no need to rely on industry averages.

How does it work ?

Soil moisture is measured at different depths down the soil profile. Probe for Windows will then show:

  • The daily water consumption of the crop
  • The efficiency of each irrigation and rainfall
  • When the next irrigation is due
  • How much needs to be applied
  • How far down crop roots extend
  • The maximum water holding capacity of the soil
  • The soil water content at which the crop becomes stressed and needs water

Other soil and crop information can be incorporated, such as weather data and crop size. This data can be downloaded from other sources (or entered manually) and growth rates, total water use and irrigation efficiency can then be calculated.

Irrigation Scheduling

Schedules are calculated using three different values of crop water use...

  1. Calculated from the soil moisture measurements.
  2. A user entered value.
  3. From ET0 and crop factors; models; or historical data.

The date and the amount of water required over forthcoming weeks is calculated, ready for valve operators or automatic control systems.

The programme is available in English, Chinese, and Spanish, and can easily be translated into any other language