M-Log: FAQ


There is a problem changing to another printer from within M-Log

You should be able to do this with FileMenu/PrintSetup, or as you use FileMenu/Print.

What happens is that if you select another printer M-Log still prints to the Windows default printer.

This is a known bug in M-Log - it comes from a Microsoft problem, there is now a fix but not yet incorporated into M-Log

The temporary solution is to change the default printer using Start/ControlPanel/Printer before running M-Log.

M-Log does change the printer orientation (portrait/landscape). Use LoggerMenu/Options/ printer tab - you can also set margins.

New ! The problem has been fixed in upgrade 2.1.055.

New Season

There are two options to prepare M-Log for a new season, depending on whether you need to graph last season on top of the new season.

For both options use MS.Explorer to create a new folder for the new seasons data e.g. C:\MLOG\2008

Option 1: You do not want to overlay last seasons data

  1. Use MS.Explorer to make a copy of your MDB file, and name the copy e.g. C:\MLOG\MLOG2008.MDB
  2. Run M-Log, use FileMenu/Open to locate this file e.g. C:\MLOG\MLOG2008.MDB
  3. Use LoggerMenu/Details and on the 'text' tab change the data file of each logger to include the new season folder e.g. C:\Mlog\2008\SITE0001.DAT

Option 2: You do want to overlay last seasons data

  1. Run M-Log
  2. Use FileMenu/New Logger
  3. On page 2/14 of the wizard select copy from existing logger and choose the first logger from last season.
  4. On page 7/14 of the wizard change the data file to include the new folder e.g. C:\MLOG\2008\SITE0001.DAT
  5. Use Next, Next ... Finish
  6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 for each of the last seasons loggers.

The new data files do not yet exist, and there will be error messages untill these data files are created or imported.

For the Enviropro (using TekLink), the Diviner 2000 (use LoggerMenu/Upload/Diviner) and the HH2/ProfileProbe (use LoggerMenu/Upload/HH2) the location of the data folder can be changed, and all new data will be sent to the new folder.

For other loggers you will need to ensure that the data files are sent to the new folder.