Multi-Logger Upgrades

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Status at 26 Nov 2013 v 2.1.083

M-Log download full install (6 Mb) Upgrade: v2.1.064 (1.6 Mb)

M-Log: full install v 2.1.075 (9 Mb) with calibrations for Enviropro D series

Interim notes on version 3 upgrade features and new formulas.

Earlier versions: 2.1.054 | 2.1.055 | 2.1.058 | 2.1.063 (all 1.5 Mb)
[beta 2.1.070 | 2.1.071 | 2.1.075 | 2.1.077 | 2.1.078 | 2.1.079 | 2.1.080 | 2.1.083 / notes ]

Note: v1.0.059+ required to install on Windows7/64bit.

Notes on the upgrades are below, and also missing features, known problems and bugs, and features requested for the next version.

M-Log template and sample data files Download (4 Mb)

M-Log manual in MS.Word.6 DOC format (200k) or PDF format (400k). The manual is also the on-line help, included in upgrades.

Tek-Smart manual MS.Word.6 DOC format (83k)

Logger notes: | Delta-T Profile Probe | Diviner 2000 | Decagon/Echo | Goanna | Hydrodata | Enviropro | Gbug | Cloudmaster (Cloudmaster.PDF) (MS.Word.6 DOC format, each about 50 kb)

Drivers for Paradox, dBase and Excel files Download (500 kb) (only required for Paradox, dBase or Excel data)

Latest version of Microsoft VB6 runtime files Download (1,000 kb)

mscomm32.ocx (missing on some CD's).Download (100 kb)
(Save to 'C:\Windows\System32\Mscomm32.ocx', and then use Start/Run REGSVR32.EXE C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSCOMM32.OCX and click <Ok>)

Upgrade notes

26 Nov 2013 v 2.1.083

  1. LoggerMenu/Options bug: 'dates' tab 'When a group clicked' and 'TO' scale to 'days after'
  2. LoggerMenu/Details bug: saving option 'set scale to last date in file when load'
  3. Select group bug: introduced in 2.1.181 with orphan group records

19 Nov 2013 v 2.1.082

  1. FileMenu/NewLoggerWizard bug with using relative path for data file

7 Nov 2013 v 2.1.081

  1. LoggerMenu.Options main tab: Folder for 'common/shared' files
  2. LoggerMenu.Options extras tab: Options, colours for RZ predictions, predicted gains and rain
  3. LoggerMenu.Details allow relative data file names with ..\ notation
  4. GroupsMenu/Edit Many, many bugs with de-activated loggers
  5. Graph bugs: Schedule sensor: display value on last point; correct value displayed on legend and last point

27 Sep 2013 v 2.1.080

  1. FilesMenu Maximum 'recent files' increased to 20

26 Aug 2013 v 2.1.079

  1. FileMenu/Register Registration moved from Registry to local file

7 Aug 2013 v 2.1.078

  1. LoggerMenu/Options data file names saved relative to MDB file or Application folder
  2. LoggerMenu/Details 'graph' tab Show the legend as a 'Gauge'.

Note1: This option allows a consultant to manage multiple clients, with copies of the clients MDB and data files in separate folders (e.g. C:\MLOG\ABC)
This option will have no affect if the MDB file is in the application folder.
The csv, txt or dat file is located on the LoggerMenu/Details 'text' tab.
If the file is in the application folder (e.g. C:\MLOG), the folder is stripped off and just the file name is saved (e.g. site999.txt).
However, if the option is 'relative to MDB file', if the file is in the same folder as the MDB file (e.g. C:\MLOG\ABC), the folder is stripped off and just the file name is saved.
The correct folder is added to the file name when the data file is loaded
The client folder could be automatically linked using DropBox.

Note2: The gauge shows the last reading as a % between maximum and minimum.
The maximum and minimum values must be set on LoggerMenu/Details 'limits' tab, or using right-click on the graph.
The gauge is filled in the same colour as the line, with a yellow background.

7 July 2013 v 2.1.073/4/5/6/7

  1. LoggerMenu/Calculated Dew Point calculated from RH and temperature
  2. LoggerMenu/Calculated Adjust sensor for the affect of temperature.
  3. Bug fix: Last value on legend
  4. Bug fix: Saving Groups with loggers that are not active
  5. Bug fix: Time in separate column (bug introduced 2.1.065)

20 Dec 2012 v 2.1.071

  1. LoggerMenu/Register enter User ID; Passwords work with unicode(chinese)
  2. LoggerMenu/Calculated Penman-Monteith (daily); target sensor count increased to 6
  3. LoggerMenu/Details import format only on Date+Time and Date, Time ; import date formats: 'yy-mm-dd' and 'mm-dd-yy' ; enable sensor import tab for MDB
  4. FileMenu/New Logger (wizard) date import formats.
  5. GraphMenu/Wrap Dates overlay irrigations.

25 Nov 2011 v 2.1.065

  1. LoggerMenu/Calculated Formula to calculate total water content from ET. Also with GraphMenu/PlotExtras/ETTotal
  2. GraphMenu/Predict/Schedule ???.
  3. LoggerMenu/Details scaling using crop factor e.g. cotton.fac:3 multiply by factor in column 3.
  4. notes on upgrade

12 Oct 2011 v 2.1.064

  1. LoggerMenu/Calculated ET0 (Penman-Monteith) (KL) - Calculate ET0 from hourly weather data using air temperature; solar radiation; RH; wind speed.
  2. LoggerMenu/Details - text and mdb file names wider.
  3. Cloudmaster Template and sample data files.

23 March 2010 v 2.1.063

  1. SetCanvas error
  2. DAO 3.6 upgrade: various bugs

18 Feb 2010 v 2.1.062

  1. SetCanvas errors logged

10 Jan 2010 v 2.1.060

  1. Fix of bug with 'make lower'

1 Jan 2010 v 2.1.059

  1. Windows7/64 bit Installation programme compatible with Windows7/64bit.
  2. LoggerMenu/Details The display order of Loggers and Sensors can be set using Up/Down buttons.
  3. LoggerMenu/Data Both external (text files) and internal (after scaling), plus calculated values can be shown.
  4. Microsoft MDB Jet3 format Using DAO3.6 (Jet4 format) for all MDB files - both M-Log and linked data files.
  5. Only Paradox, etc data files attached - data in MDB files no longer attached to main MDB file.
  6. LoggerMenu/Details Tabs disabled if not applicable for data type.
  7. Text in data files Text in a data file shown on graph, at vertical position set using 'sensor maximum' (fix of bug introduced in v2.1.021).
  8. Navigation Tree Logger and sensor names truncated to 30 characters.

10 July 2008 v 2.1.058

  1. LoggerMenu/Details Use ArrayID with non-Campbell date format

2 June Jan 2008 v 2.1.057

  1. Logger type MAIT Removed because data now available as text file.
  2. LoggerMenu/Calculated: Period_Total [bug] monthly totals.
  3. LoggerMenu/Calculated [bug] TargetSensor(2) list did not display text.
  4. Map menu [bugs] refreshing checked menu items.
  5. CalculatedData: [bug] Correctly initialise YData() to Null.

16 Jan 2007 v 2.1.055

  1. FileMenu/PrintSetup [bug] Different Printer selected correctly; Orientation and PaperSize saved on LoggerMenu/Options.
  2. Gbug Warning if site DAT file does not exist.

21 August 2006 v 2.1.054

  1. ProbeMenu/Download 'Logger' Support for downloading files from internet sites using http.
  2. GraphMenu/PlotExtra 'meter' Support for displaying and calculating litres/hour from meter data file in litres/time interval. 'Data values' show 'litres/hour'; text at each 'event' will show total litres; 'Value on legend' wll show 'total litres in season' e

18 July 2006 v 2.1.053

  1. GraphsScales[bug] scales not saved after 'reset'.

30 Mar 2006 v 2.1.051

  1. GraphsMenu/Disable Global disable of sensor plotting options.
  2. Graphs Text on graph printed if the corresponding data point is on the graph, even though text itself is outside the graph.
  3. Graphs [bug] Line from last point to secondary axis (right side) plotted dotted.

20 Mar 2006 v 2.1.048

  1. Graphs: Full/Refill shading GraphMenu/Maximum/PlotShading, colour set on LoggerMenu/Options 'extras' tab.
  2. LoggerMenu/Calculated and LoggerMenu/Scheduling When choosing a sensor (in another logger), the logger names are displayed in green.
  3. Network drives - Network drives in UNC format (e.g. HeadOffice\\) accepted as well as in mapped format (e.g. X:)

25 Jan 2006 v 2.1.047

  1. Diviner2000 - Logger number = DivinerID + 1000 (i.e. no lookup file). Support for 16 depths.
  2. Calculated Sensors - CWSI/Zen, Multiply, Divide.

11 Oct 2005 v 2.1.045

  1. Graphs - Line to RH axis does not obscure value label at end of line.
  2. LoggerMenu/Options - New option when clicking on a group - no change to graph dates.
  3. Graph - Selecting 'Last (7) days' also changes 'number of days' on LoggerMenu/Options 'date' tab.

2 Aug 2005 v 2.1.039

  1. Printing - [bug] Problem with some laser printers clearing area inside graph.
  2. Formula: PeriodicTotal - [bug] when period = 1 year.

20 July 2005 v 2.1.037

  1. LoggerMenu/Options Date options when using 'scales to data max/min' and 'groups'.
  2. LoggerMenu/Details Allow entry of 'reset scales'.
  3. GroupsMenu/Edit - Sort option moved to form; allow for groups with exactly the same name.
  4. LoggerMenu/Units - Default units for VSW (metric) changed to '%'
  5. GraphMenu/Scalesto/Reset [bug] Global scales saved correctly.
  6. NewLoggerWizard - [bug] Copying groups; time reset scales cleared ready for new data.

27 June 2005 v 2.1.036

  1. LoggerMenu/Options
  2. GraphsMenu/PlotExtras/Varying Upper|Lower
  3. LoggerMenu/Calculated
  4. LoggerMenu/Scheduling
  5. Associated sensors
  6. Annotations - [Bug] all lines from zig-zag deleted

2 June 2005 v 2.1.035

  1. LoggerMenu/Options Automatic date adjust when sensor from another logger is overlaid
  2. GBug support for GBUG-Lite and GBUG-Heavy calibrations
  3. NewLoggerWizard Reset graph scales for new data; source logger name removed from group name.

18 May 2005 v 2.1.033

  1. CalculatedSensor: RDI Calculate value of upper or lower limit from an RDI file that varies during the season; plot to 'end of season'
  2. CalculatedSensor: DWULOOKUP Calculate value from file in DWU format that varies during the season; plot to 'end of season'
  3. CalculatedSensors: LOOKUP Additional options e.g. calculating soil tension from VSW(%) using retention curves
  4. LoggerMenu/Options Reset of graph scale to 'season start' and 'season end'
  5. Groups Group Scale is used when user chooses a group, but the sensor now 'remembers' own scale
  6. LoggerMenu/Scheduling Upper and/or lower limit from another sensor e.g. 'UpperLimit' that varies during the season
  7. Number of data records Number of records saved to optimise data loading

15 April 2005 v 2.1.032

  1. CalculatedSensor Delta-T spray drift warning (AirTemperature - WetBulb)
  2. Groups Multi-select enabled on main graph screen
  3. CalculatedSensors bug - if no sensor name entered for 'other sensor'

13 Feb 2005 v 2.1.031

  1. GroupsMenu/Edit Sort groups; Multi-select groups to change StartDate and for deleting groups
  2. LoggerMenu/Options Sort groups by Name, user

29 November 2004 v 2.1.029

  1. LoggerMenu/Options Max number of import columns (used when adding sensors with LoggerMenu/Details)

13 November 2004 v 2.1.028

  1. Graph multiple sensors [bug] no limit to number of separate right hand axes

12 November 2004 v 2.1.026

  1. FileMenu/New Logger - No restriction on number of import columns.

8 November 2004 v 2.1.025

  1. GraphMenu/Options - Editing of multiple sensors.
  2. Formulas - Periodic - Marker=2 graphs data at end of period (as against middle of period).
  3. Formulas - Periodic - [bug] Periodic formulas when data missing (e.g. rain).
  4. Menus - [bug] View menu incorrectly showing 'check' with XP.
  5. Data - [bug] Skipping of first record with some logger types.

18 September 2004 v 2.1.024

  1. Tek-Smart - Support for Tek-Smart soil moisture system. Uploading and calibrating done with Tek-Link.
  2. Toolbar - plot 'last days'; Time scales to data min/max; Vertical scales to min/max.
  3. LoggerMenu/Options - Axis labels can be in black.

1 February 2004 v 2.1.023

  1. Monitor - uploading.

2 October 2003 v 2.1.022

  1. Decagon/EM5

21 August 2003 v 2.1.021

  1. LoggerMenu/Upload - ZIP files before ftp download/upload
  2. LoggerMenu/Schedule - Calculate amount required for drip irrigation ; international units enabled
  3. LoggerMenu/Scheduling Negative DWU displays date='-', at end of report if order = ScheduleDate
  4. FileMenu/Reports New format code 'SCHEDULEAMT' follows units set on LoggerMenu/Scheduling (mm/Ml/hours); [bug] Group not being saved
  5. AnnotationsMenu/Details Graph size restricted; [bug] error if no object selected;
  6. GraphingComments Scaled set to 0-100; position controlled with UpperLimit; rotation with DrawStyle; axis hidden
  7. Campbell - Daily summary data logged at 24:00 hours assumed to occur at 23:59
  8. WindRose - [bug] 'Plot WindRose' not set when loading data if function is 'WindRose'; user date format
  9. MapMenu - [bug] options not saved correctly

25 May 2003 v 2.1.019

  1. Data Formats - Davis WeatherLink files - files need downloading with WeatherLink software.
  2. LoggerMenu/Upload - Support for ftp download/upload;allow database files for ftp; 'selected for scheduled download' on logger list box.
  3. Smooth data - Test for 'equal intervals' made less severe.
  4. LoggerMenu/Details - Units drop-down to choose °C, etc.

12 May 2003 v 2.1.018

  1. Map Plotting 'fuel gauges' on a map.
  2. Menus - New menus 'View' and 'Map'.
  3. Annotations User can add text, lines, arrows etc to annotate graphs and maps.
  4. LoggerMenu/Units Units in metric or non-metric: paper size, depths, area, volume in metric or non-metric
  5. Data Formats Direct reading of Sentek SDB files; just read 06:00+ readings.
  6. Data Formats Attached MDB tables (e.g. Paradox) with date and time in separate fields (e.g. MEA)
  7. New logger wizard Schedule Sensor copied; bugs with copying multiple calculated sensors copied;
  8. Graph lines - Graphs can be plotted with no lines (but could have symbols and values).
  9. GraphMenu/ScalesTo/Layered - Selected sensors plotted to the same scale, with scales set to the highest/lowest of all the values.
  10. GroupsMenu/Edit (bugs) adding new sensors
  11. Groups (bug) 'Plot with LHS axis' set correctly when 'group' clicked.
  12. LoggerMenu/Details Form design changed ; (bug) if more than 30 lines are skipped at start of data file ; sensor 'depth' can be entered.
  13. Import data (bug) fix reading time in format HHMMSS
  14. LoggerMenu/Options - Printer orientation added ; graph positioning set with AnnotationMenu/Details ; Date format (d/m/yy, m/d/yy) defaults to ControlPanel/RegionalSettings (but can be changed by user).
  15. FileMenu/Export (bug) fix of bug with multiple sensors.
  16. LoggerMenu/Upload - Port allows for 'COM1' to 'COM50'
  17. FileMenu/Exit - (bug) Some settings were not being saved.

14 Feb 2003 v 2.1.017

  1. GDD - Allow for starting date and upper limit when calculating Growing Degree Days.
  2. Screen Graph - Scroll bar synchronised with data point selected with mouse.
  3. Data file (Bug) from 'missing' extra values in data file (e.g. Irrigations entered by user at end of line)
  4. Initialise (Bug) - Error message when starting and no sensors have previously been selected
  5. Data (Bug) from missing extra values in data file (esp Echo)
  6. Initialise (Bug) - Error message when run and no sensors have previously been selected

18 Dec 2002 v 2.1.016

  1. Graph/PlotPredict - plot schedule prediction as selected on LoggerMenu/Scheduling
  2. GrowingDegreeDays - Optional start date set on LoggerMenu/Calculated Formulas tab: bug fix of calculated value
  3. Non-date on X axis - (e.g. 'Degree Days' on horizontal axis) Axis options set with Logger/Options XAxis tab
  4. Auto Upload CSI - bug fix if no loggers set to 'auto upload'
  5. CSI dates - bug fix if CSI 'HHMM' is < 60 minutes
  6. New Logger Wizard - bug fix when changing 'parsed with'

12 Nov 2002 v 2.1.015

  1. CSI Loggers - uploading, direct or modem

1 Nov 2002 v 2.1.014

  1. EM5/Echo2 support for EM5 data files

21 March 2002 v 2.1.001

  1. WindRose -
  2. Graph Title - Group Name or Logger Name

29 August 2001 v 1.2.030

  1. Campbell Scientific - Fix of ArrayID import bugs.

29 June 2001 v 1.2.029

  1. Delta-T HH2 - Support for using multiple ThetaProbes at each site - see HH2 notes.

28 May 2001 v 1.2.028

  1. Licence - 30 days allowed before password required.
  2. AutomaticDateScale - Date set to 'last date+10 days' when data loaded and using 'set scales to MaxMin'. Set Option on LoggerMenu/Details 'graphs' tab.
  3. Symbols - fix of bug of missing symbols.
  4. Legend - fix of bug with a legend for 'extra' graph; correct line thickness; symbol.
  5. LoggerMenu/Calculated - fix of bug when form loaded fail to set type of formula.
  6. Printing - fix of bug to print lines in colour.

17 May 2001 v 1.2.027

  1. Red BulletBackup- Wild cards and multiple files allowed e.g. >MLOG.MDB,*.DAT name of ZIP file must be specified; fix of 'file in use' bug.
  2. Red BulletLast Date - Horizontal date scale automatically adjusted as new data is added to the data file. Use LoggerMenu/Details 'Graphs' tab to set option and 'days ahead' - default = 7 days.
  3. Red BulletGroups- Graph scales saved with each group.
  4. Red BulletGopher- Limited support for Gopher data.
  5. Message log - Version number written to log.
  6. Date Import Options - Fix of bug with file DATECOLS.DAT

14 May 2001 v 1.2.026

  1. Red BulletDeltaT HH2
  2. Red BulletHorizontal Axis - Horizontal axis can be any sensor (LoggerMenu/View/H Axis);.
  3. Red BulletCalculations - Calculations (predict, smooth, rate, integrate) moved to separate form (LoggerMenu/Calculate). New calculated sensors - see here for details.
  4. Red BulletRates - Negative rates of change made separate for each sensor.
  5. Red BulletCIMIS - Ability to read CIMIS weather station data.
  6. Red BulletGEMINI - Ability to read Gemini text files.
  7. Red BulletDiviner2000 - Ability to delete selected CSV files.
  8. FileMenu/New/Logger - Date formats in list instead of option buttons.

19 Feb 2001 v 1.1.025

  1. Red BulletDeltaT HH2
  2. GraphMenu/Options - Line widths displayed correctly on GraphOptions.
  3. Red BulletResetGraphScalesToMaxMin - If there is only one data point, scales set to 'reasonable' values.
  4. Graphs - First data point plotted correctly with value and symbol.
  5. LoggerMenu/Data - After use data re-loaded (user could have edited data)

17 Feb 2001 v 1.1.024

  1. DeltaT HH2 - fix of bug when uploading PR1 data.(again)
  2. MainGraphScreen - fix of runtime error if no sensor is selected.

19 Jan 2001 v 1.1.023

  1. DeltaT HH2 - fix of bug when uploading PR1 data.
  2. Red BulletHH2/PR1 Average data if from same site
  3. Red BulletPredict/Schedule - When 'smooth' function used to predict, last smoothed value is used to calculate predictions
  4. Red BulletText - Text in data files (such as crop stage) can be  plotted on time graphs
  5. Red BulletLicence Activate licence for specific loggers

8 Jan 2001 v 1.1.022

  1. DeltaT HH2 - fix of bug when uploading PR1 data.

5 Jan 2001 v 1.1.021

  1. Red BulletNon-English language support - LoggerMenu/Options to nominate and edit language text.
  2. Licence - User allowed limited number of uses before licence required
  3. Log file - Format of trace log header includes PC Serial Number

20 Nov 2000 1.1.020

  1. Red BulletRefresh Data - LoggerMenu/Options, automatically re-fresh data at intervals

12 Nov 2000 v 1.1.019

  1. Red BulletLicence - Licence and password system enabled

10 Nov 2000 v 1.1.018

  1. Red BulletGroups - Graph title = Group name if group in use

9 Nov 2000 v 1.1.017

  1. Groups - Order of sensors in group saved.

8 Nov 2000 v 1.1.016

  1. Red BulletStart/EndDate - Only reading data after (or before) user entered date.
  2. Groups - Groups re-loaded when using FileMenu/Open.
  3. NewLogger - template MDB file 'validated' before use.
  4. LoggerMenu/Data - view data in MDB table.

3 Nov 2000 v 1.1.015

  1. Red Bullet ImportDelta_T HH2 - Support for Delta-T HH2, uploading and processing.
  2. Groups - Fix of bug re-loading Groups

2 Nov 2000 v 1.1.014

  1. Import - Support for Campbell Scientific date format.
  2. Limits - all references changed to 'UPPER' and 'LOWER' ( not max or min)
  3. GraphScales - a value of '12.1' were being interpreted as a valid date
  4. Formats - error with units ='%' fixed
  5. Groups - Groups now saved in the MLOG.MDB file.

28 Oct 2000 v 1.1.013

  1. Help - Help buttons on all forms. New help file and manual
  2. Scheduling - error checks added
  3. Template file - default name change dto TEMPLATE.MDB
  4. Diviner2000 - format of lookup file changed to include data file name
  5. LoggerDetails - plot values added

20 Oct 2000 v 1.1.012

  1. Limits - Text changed to 'Upper' and 'Lower'
  2. HH2    New form to upload and process from HH2
  3. Security - Security files added

11 Oct 2000 v 1.1.010

  1. Groups - Fix of bug with maximum number of groups

6 Oct 2000 v 1.1.009

  1. RootZoneCalculation - Fix of bug with extent of root zone

6 Oct 2000 v 1.1.008

  1. GraphMenu/Options - Option to print 'Value' on last reading and legend
  2. GroupsMenu/SaveAs - error traps
  3. FileMenu/NewLoggerWizard - disable 'Finish' button; add RootZone places and units.

5 Oct 2000 v 1.1.007

  1. FileMenu/New/Logger - fix of problem when copying a 'template'
  2. GroupsMenu/SaveAs - group list refreshed after choosing 'NewGroup'
  3. LoggerMenu/Show - hide/show loggers on main list box
  4. LoggerMenu/Show - hide/show loggers that are not active.  Make logger 'active' with LoggerMenu/Details

1 Oct 2000 v 1.1.006

  1. LoggerMenu/Scheduling - fix of problem (?) with 'choose a root zone'
  2. RootZone - optionally calculate as Average% as well as total mm

27 Sep 2000 v 1.1.005

  1. FileMenu/SaveGraphAs - data output as comma delimited text file
  2. FileMenu/NewLogger - copy logger from template file (default: MLOG.MDB)
  3. FileMenu/SaveAs - Database can be saved under a new name.
  4. Diviner2000 - Optionally average data taken at same site on same day (assume separate tubes at each site

1 July 2000 v 1.1.000

  1. TextFiles - data read directly from text file at run time (no import)

27 Sep 1999 v 1.0.1

  1. DataLoad - data loaded to allow MaxMin

Missing features

The following features and functions are still to be implemented in V 1.1.


Known bugs

The following problems and bugs have yet to be fixed.

  1. GraphSymbols - Symbols not plotted (intermittent)

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Requested features and functions

The following features have been requested for future versions.

  1. A button for a really good espresso...

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