From soil moisture sensors installed at different depths (e.g. Enviropro, Delta-T ProfileProbe, or Sentek Diviner2000) M-Log can calculate the total water content in the root zone.

The rate that the moisture in the soil is falling (2.2 mm/day) is used to calculate when the next irrigation is due, and how much water should be applied.

The effective gains from previous irrigations (e.g. 13 mm on 29 Sept) are also automatically calculated.

Scheduling screen

Users may also enter their own rate (8.0 mm/day), or the rate can come from a weather station or a 'standard' crop water use file (6.8 mm/day).

The driest water content at which water should be applied can be varied during the season (RDI).

Amounts can be in mm, volume or hours.

The schedule for each site can also be printed - in the example above the amounts are in mm.

The same information can be shown on a map, or aerial photograph.