The Diviner2000 is a portable soil moisture monitoring instrument, manufactured by Sentek Pty Ltd, that is taken from site-to-site. It has a single capacitance sensor on a rod that is lowered into a tube in the ground and records soil moisture at different depths.

Use ProbeMenu/PostReadings and choose the Diviner2000 tab to import readings. After the system is configured the steps will be...

  1. Use DivinerUtilities to backup data and export to csv files.
  2. Use ProbeMenu/PostReadings and click Convert to Post File.
  3. Check the Post File with edit
  4. Press Post to post the new readings.


Use Explorer to create a folder for the CSV files called C:\PRwin\Diviner.
Data is uploaded using the Sentek Diviner2000 Utilities programme.

  1. Click on the Diviner2000 Utilities icon.
  2. On the Backup tab, click on Backup to transfer the data from the Diviner2000 to a DBK file on the PC.
  3. On the Restore/Export tab, select the new backup file and click Export
  4. Click on Browse and choose the C:\PRWIN\Diviner folder.
  5. Select all the profiles with <Shift+Click> and click on <Ok> to generate the CSV files.

There will be a separate CSV file for each site and for each time the data is exported (a typical file name is: Diviner Backup 20 Sep 1999 (Pro99).csv).

The format of the CSV file is...

Time, 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm
19 Aug 1999 11:12:29, 28.827166, 32.604797, 28.906691, 8.764552, 4.833654, 1.388091, 0.650105, 2.577018, 35.290493, 30.491446
19 Aug 1999 11:13:16, 28.365362, 33.111546, 28.483774, 9.218303, 4.956022, 1.341284, 0.646405,

Convert to Post File

The CSV files need to be processed into a standard post file format using <Convert to standard format>, which can then be posted as normal. After the readings have been posted the csv files can be deleted, and if necessary the Diviner2000 memory cleared.

Diviner configuration form

The Diviner backup directory, where the CSV files have been exported, needs to be selected.

The contents of the csv files can be checked with <Edit>.

The data from the Diviner2000 will be in VSW% and does not need re-calibrating. However, by posting a serial number the data could be re-calibrated by Probe for Windows.

Lookup file

A lookup file is needed to relate Diviner2000 tube numbers to Probe for Windows site numbers. The lookup file format is...

DivineTube, SiteNumber 'Comment
1 , 101 'tube 1 => SITE101
2 , 101 'tube 2 => SITE101
3 , 101 'tube 3 => SITE101 tubes 1,2,3 averaged => SITE101
4 , 102 'tube 4&4 SITE102

In the example above, Diviner2000 tubes 1, 2 and 3 will all go to Prwin site 101, and will be averaged as the readings are posted.

If a tube number is found in a csv file that is not in the lookup file a new line is added with a site number = 9999. The lookup file should then be edited to check the entry, and the csv file re-converted.

When the csv files are processed the last date will be remembered, and only new readings will be put in the post file. If data needs to be re-converted the last post date can be changed.

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