Edit and Create Season files

Daily water use and reduced deficit irrigation files can be created and edited. The files can contain any values, not just daily water use - fruit diameter for example.

EditSeason Files screen
DWU files show the variation of crop daily water use during the season. The values can come from standard department of agriculture crop water use tables, or preferably from your own soil moisture readings
RDI files describe how you want the water content in the root zone to vary relative to the refill point - wine grapes are often dried out just before picking

The files can also be used in formulas. For example a site that is using about 10% more water than the average...
Site Formula: COTTON.DWU * 1.1

Files in this format can also be used to set upper and lower limits for scheduling. The values in the file can be either in mm above/below full or refill, or as a proportion (0-1) between refill and full - see scheduling

A season file is an ascii text file with at least 3 lines.
The first line is the start day, in 'days since Jan 1'
All other lines have the relative day number and the value
The actual day of year is calculated by adding the 'start day' to the 'relative day number'.
This is to allow the files to be easily used in different hemispheres - one of many silly ideas we have had.


File Date Value
273 first line - start day in 'days since Jan 1'
273 = 1 October
40, 2.0 273 + 40 = 313 = 10 Nov2.0 mm/day
60, 2.5 273 + 60 = 333 = 30 Nov2.5 mm/day
80, 3.8
90, 5.0 273 + 90 = 363 = 28 December5.0 mm/day
100, 6.0 273 + 100 = 373 = 8 = 8 January6.0 mm/day
120, 8.0
130, 8.0
160, 5.5
180, 4.2

The dates must be in days, but the values can be any units. Prwin will display mm/day in in/ft or other user selected units set with ProbeMenu/DisplayUnits.

Season DWU files will work in any year because the date information is relative to Jan 1st, not to any particular year. To use the same data for crops with different planting dates, or to compare with data from another hemisphere, simply change the 'start date number' in the first line and save with a new file name.

The actual date may be in error from leap years.

Later version of Prwin and MLog allow other options

File Date Value Software
1 Nov, 3.5 1st Nov (any year) - start day is ignored 3.5 mm/day PRW1, PRW2, MLOG
1 Nov, REFILL + 0.1 * (FULL - REFILL) 1st Nov 10% between refill and full PRW1, PRW2
PDATE+20, FULL-20 20 days after Planting Date Full point - 20mm PRW1, PRW2
DATE3, REFILL - 10 critical date 3 (e.g. Bud Burst) 10 mm below refill PRW1, PRW2

PRW1 = Probe for Windows v 1.0.220+
PRW2 = Probe for Windows 2
MLOG = Mlog v 2.1.033

MLOG and PRW2 allow more than 1 value columns. e.g.

1 Nov, 3.5, 2.9, 2.8
1 Dec, 4.6, 3.5, 3.3

The columns could be DWU for different crops, or both the upper and lower limits for the same crop