Transferring Probe for Windows to another PC

If an installation of Probe for Windows needs to be transferred from one PC to another (e.g. PC upgrading, or another user needs to look at data).

1 Install Prwin on the new PC from the original CD or discs. This installs various Microsoft files, which may already be on the new PC.

2 Copy all the files in C:\Prwin on the old PC to C:\Prwin on the new PC.
(Do not copy a folder called prwin.938. If it is copied it must be deleted before using FileMenu/Security <Install>)

3 Copy your settings file C:\Windows\PRWIN.INI to C:\Windows on the new PC.

4 Run the software and use FileMenu/Security.
It should be displaying the serial number of the old PC (saved in the file 'prwin.ini').
Click <Install> and email the new PC serial number and RSNE will send a new password.

Notes on the various files...

File Comment
C:\WINDOWS\PRWIN.INI All settings and options, baud rate, serial port, units, etc.
Copy to C:\WINDOWS on the new PC.
OWNER.OW2the owner registration file with your name, address, etc
ALLSEAS.MDBlist of seasons
PRLOCAL.MDBcalibrations and farms
2000DATA.MDB, 2001DATA.MDB etcany data files (or folders) that have been created
*.DWUany season files (DWU, LO, HI, RDI) that have been created or edited
*.PSTall the old post files (if needed)
*.RPTany special report files that have been created or edited
*.LKPany lookup files used by reports, or when importing data from other systems such as ProfileProbe or Diviner2000.
PRGSTYLE.TXTgraph styles - colours, etc
FLISTS.TXT, FITEMS.TXTfield lists (used on time graphs)
GITEMS.TXT, *.GPTgraph reports (only if they have been customised)
FORMULAS.TXTglobal formulas (only if used)

After the initial installation, as new data is posted only the season data file (e.g. 2000DATA.MDB) needs to be copied to the new PC.
This can also be done using FileMenu/Backup on the main PC, and then FileMenu/Restore on the new PC.