Using Probe for Windows on a network

Probe for Windows can be used on a network, with each workstation acccessing the same data.


When a PC is connected to a network it is called a workstation.

The PC that has the shared data files is called a file server.

For a small network the fileserver can be just another workstation. This is known as peer-to-peer networking.

The software is installed on each workstation, with the data in a folder (or directory) on the fileserver.

This folder needs to be created, and each user will need read/write 'rights' to this folder.

Depending on the network, the fileserver can either have a name, or it can be mapped as a drive letter.

A problem that can occur is that different workstations can be accessing the same fileserver, but the fileserver is 'mapped' with a different letter by each workstation.
WorkStation_1 could 'map' the fileserver as G:, and WorkStation_2 could 'map' it as H:.

In the notes below it is assumed that the data folder on the fileserver is called, or mapped, as G:\PRWINDATA.

Installing Probe for Windows on a network.

1) Use the CD to install Probe for Windows to C:\PRWIN on each workstation.

2) On one of the workstations (the 'master') create all seasons, farms, sites etc and check that all sites can be graphed.
Any new seasons should have the new data file: G:\PRWINDATA\20??DATA.MDB

3) If the fileserver is another PC move the season data file(s) (e.g. 20??DATA.MDB) to the fileserver (G:PRWINDATA)
Then use SeasonMenu/Edit and for each season use <...> to locate the data file for the season.

4) Copy the following files from the 'master' workstation to C:\PRWIN on all other workstations.

File Comment
OWNER.OW2the owner registration file with your name, address, etc
ALLSEAS.MDBlist of seasons
PRLOCAL.MDBcalibrations and farms
*.DWUany season files (DWU, LO, HI, RDI) that have been created or edited
*.RPTany special report files that have been created or edited
*.LKPany lookup files used by reports, or when importing data from other systems such as ProfileProbe or Diviner2000.
PRGSTYLE.TXTgraph styles - colours, etc
FLISTS.TXT, FITEMS.TXTfield lists (used on time graphs)
GITEMS.TXT, *.GPTgraph reports (only if they have been customised)
FORMULAS.TXTglobal formulas (only if used)
C:\WINDOWS\PRWIN.INI User settings and options - copy to C:\WINDOWS\PRWIN.INI

5) On each workstation run Probe for Windows.
Use SeasonMenu/Edit and for each season use <...> to locate the data file: G:\PRWINDATA\20??DATA.MDB.

  1. To ensure that the right data file is being loaded make sure that there are no duplicate copies of files - duplicates should be moved into other folders to make sure that they are not being accessed.

  2. Any of the workstations can be used to upload and post, or a totally separate PC could be used and the post file transferred by disc or email for posting.

  3. New seasons and farms should be created on the 'master' workstation, and the ALLSEAS.MDB and PRLOCAL.MDB files then re-copied to each workstation.

  4. ALLSEAS.MDB and PRLOCAL.MDB could also be shared on the fileserver (which would allow any workstation to create new seasons and farms), but each workstation must use...
    1. FileMenu/Open and choose G:\PRWINDATA\ALLSEAS.MDB
    2. ProbeMenu/SystemOptions and use <...> to choose the farm file: G:\PRWINDATA\ALLSEAS.MDB
    3. ProbeMenu/Calibrations files tab, and use <...> to choose the calibrations file: G:\PRWINDATA\PRLOCAL.MDB

  5. The DWU, RDI, LO, HI files used in formulas must be copied to each workstation.