Preparing for a New Season

To get ready for a new season, Probe for Windows can make a copy of an existing season, together with the Full, Refill and PWP values, but without any of the readings.

You need to know the name of the season data file that you want to copy. It will normally be something like 2005DATA.MDB.

  1. SeasonsMenu/Edit
  2. Choose an existing season to find the name of its season MDB data file (e.g. 2005DATA.MDB)
  3. Click <New>
  4. Enter a season number and name.
    It will default to the current year (e.g. Year: 2006, Name: Season 2006, and data file: DATA2006.MDB)
  5. Bottom left...
  6. Press <Save>

When you go to the sites screen you should see all the sites.

If you go to any readings screen, it should be empty except for Full/Refill/PWP

The numbers on the site screen will need updating with ProbeMenu/Update 'all sites'