PR1 Profile Probe and HH2 reader

The HH2 is a hand-held portable data recorder from Delta-T Devices that can read and record data from the Profile Probe (PR1), ThetaProbe (ML1 and ML2), and Equitensiometer (EQ1 and EQ2).

The PR1 has 4 or 6 capacitance soil moisture sensors on a rod which can either be taken from site-to-site to record readings, or it can be left at a single site with a logger. The HH2 is only used if the is used in portable mode - if logging use SiteMenu/Import.

After the system is configured the readings are uploaded and posted with...

  1. On the main seasons form press <Upload/Post>.
  2. On the PostReadings form press <Post>.

Configuring Probe for Windows...


Use ProbeMenu/PostReadings<PR1>

HH2 configuration form

Use ProbeMenu/Upload<Settings> to choose the port, and set Logger=HH2.

Uploading can be done with either...

  1. Main season form <Upload/Post>
  2. ProbeMenu/Upload <Upload>
  3. ProbeMenu/PostReadings/PR1 tab <UploadHH2>

The readings will be left in an upload file with a name based on today’s date with extension UPL. If the Delta-T programme HH2READ.EXE is used to upload the file will have the extension CSV.

The format of the upload file is...

28/03/2001 17:12:44,0001,a,001,31.1 ,A,32.1 ,A,33.1 ,A,34.1 ,A,34.1 ,A,
28/03/2001 17:13:44,0002,b,002,31.1 ,A,32.1 ,A,33.1 ,A,34.1 ,A,34.1 ,A,

Err are data status codes.

GetStatus will display the current status of the HH2 battery and data memory.

Convert to Post File

If you use <Upload/Post> the upload file is automatically converted to post file format, but you can also use <ConvertToStandardFormat>.

Lookup file

A lookup file is needed to relate the HH2 identification to Probe for Windows site numbers. Three separate site identifiers can be entered into the HH2...

A site can be uniquely identified using...

The format of the lookup file is...

Sample, Plot, DeviceID, SiteNumber, Row, DataFile
0001, A, 000, 9999, 1, C:\MLOG\DELTAT\HH20001.DAT
0002, B, 010, 9999, 1, C:\MLOG\DELTAT\HH20002.DAT
0003, C, 100, 9999, 1, C:\MLOG\DELTAT\HH20003.DAT

Datafile is not used by Prwin; Row is not used for PR1 data, but can be used for readings from individual ML2 or EQ1 units at the same site.

If a site is found in the upload file that is not in the lookup file a new line will be added with a site number = 9999. The lookup file should then be edited and the correct site numbers(s) entered, and the upload file re-processed.

Serial Number

The data from the PR1 should be in VSW% and does not need re-calibrating. However, by posting a serial number the data could be re-calibrated by Probe for Windows.

HH2 Commands

The HH2 is prepared for uploading with...

<Set><Up> Remote <Set>.

After successfully uploading the HH2 memory is cleared with...

<Set> Data <Set><Up> Erase <Set> Erase ? <Set>.

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