Syntax for Text, Graph, Screen and Import definition files

Reports can be text or graph, or screen, and data can be imported.

The definition files needs to be edited with Notepad, or some other text editor - use ProbeMenu/SystemOptions report tab

Note: Probe for Windows v3 has an editor for RPT and IPT definitions. (GPT in progress)

Text reports (RPT)

Reports can be printed to paper, or exported as comma-delimited files.

Reports to paper have different sections - report header, page header, details, etc

Each line in the RPT file specifies an item, and in which section it will print. Only items in the detail (each site) section will be exported. An item can be...

In addition, a column can be specified.

A column will be printed in 2 parts...

The column titles can be printed either...

Each item that is to be printed has a specification line with format...


Section Codes

Section codes specify in which section of the report the item is to be printed.

RHReport header - printed once at beginning of report
RFReport footer - printed once at end of report
PHPage header - printed at top of each page
PFPage footer - printed at bottom of each page
GH1Group header 1 - printed before a group break
GF2Group footer 2 - printed after a Group break
DDetail printed for each site
CnColumn, to go in both detail and column headers.
CHColumn header - printed either at top of page or after group header.

Type Codes

Type codes specify the type of data that is to be output.

SECTIONHEIGHTHeight of section in cm
TEXTText box e.g. Source = NAME will print Top Paddock
LABEL Label displaying fixed text e.g. Site Report but can include variables...
e.g. Source = \OWNER1
displays the first line in the Owner registration file.
FORMULAText box will display numeric data or formula
e.g. Source = FULL or COTTON.DWU*1.2
INDIRECTFORMULAValue of a formula
e.g. Source = LOWER will evaluate the LOWER formula
LINEDraws a line from Left, Top to Right, Bottom
size = line width in points (0 = hairline)

Source or Formulas

The source specifies where the data is coming from. It can be the name of a field in the database, or a formula. See Formulas and Variables


For example...

RIGHT=8 is a point 8 cm from the left margin. If the left margin = 2.5 cm, it will print at 10.5 cm from left edge of paper.

TOP=1.2 is a point 1.2 cm below the top of the current section.

Size, units, format, font

If a font or font size is not specified, the report default font is used.

Units and format are only applicable for numeric formulas.

Line sizes are specified in points. (1 pt = 1/1440 inches; 0 = hairline, the thinnest line possible on the printer).

Colour Codes

Colours are specified with a colour code (eg: RED)

#FF00FFhexadecimal (6 hex characters, preceded by a #) - same as CSS/HTML.

Examples of Report/Export Specifications

Specification line in RPT fileResult
  • Height of page header = 1.3 cm
PH,LABEL,Sites Report for \OWNER1,0,0,15.8,0.5, Arial, 16 , 1 ,,L, 0, RED
  • prints in the page header
  • Sites Report for Lebombo Farms
  • left aligned in a rectangle from 0 to 15.8cm, 0 to 0.5 cm high
  • Font = Arial, 16 pt; bold; in red
PH,LABEL,Where: \WHERE,11,0.7,16,1.2, Arial, 12 , 1 ,,R, 0
  • prints in the page header
  • Where: EPIAMT<10
  • right aligned, in a space from 0 - 5 cm wide, 0 - 0.7 cm high.
  • Font = Arial, 12 pt, bold
GH1,LINE,,0,1.2,16,1.2,, 2 , 0 ,,L, 0
  • In the first group header.
  • Draws a horizontal line from 0 to 16 cm, 1.2 cm below top of section.
  • prints in the first group footer
  • 3.6 mm/day
  • (the value today of DWU from the file COTTON.DWU)
  • left aligned in a rectangle from 0 - 5cm, 0 - 0.5 cm high
  • Font = Arial, 10 pt; DWU format; not bold; with units (mm/day)
  • Column header section to be 2 cm high.
  • In the column header section
  • Draws a line at the bottom of the section, 18 cm wide, 1 pt thick

The column header section height should be specified - this section can also have lines drawn like any of the other sections.

Column Specifications

Each column to be output needs a column specification, with the type code Cn, with format...

ColNum,Source,Width,Format,Units,Align,Title,TypeCode 'comments

Each column will be printed in to two parts, the title going to a LABEL (in either the page header or group header) and the source to a FORMULA in the detail section. The horizontal position of the items will be calculated based on the column width.

The actual output will be suppressed if width=0. This can be used to calculate intermediate results.

The character | will force a new line in a column title.

ColNumCn n = column number
SourceAny reserved word (variables) or formula.
WidthWidth of output, in cm.
Formatsee Format Codes
AlignAlignment. L= left; C = centred; R = right.
Units1 = display units (eg mm/day) 0= no units
TitleThe title at the top of a column - use | for multiple lines.
TypeCodeFormula or IndirectFormula

Examples of Column Specifications

Line in RPT filePrinted Result
Top Paddock
    Site 33
  2.3 mm/day
  1.1 mm/day
       12 Ml

EPIAMT - data field that contains the calculated amount or water required if scheduling is based on estimated daily water use
AREA - is the site area
10 - is to convert from area*depth to volume
FACTOR4 - is in the lookup table - will be specific for each valve.
The output will be in the volume units (VOL) as selected by the user with ProbeMenu/DisplayUnits.

Graph report definitions (GPT)

To customise graph reports use ProbeMenu/SystemOptions and edit the file GITEMS.TXT or GPT file.

Prior to version 1.0.204... After version 1.0.204... Prwin v3
Report names in file GNAMES.TXT. File GNAMES.TXT is not used File GNAMES.TXT is not used
All reports in the file GITEMS.TXT As well as GITEMS.TXT, any *.GPT files in C:\Prwin folder are also available All GPT files must be in the reports\ folder
The report number is Item 1 in each line. Reports start with the command ReportTitle
Number and Order are not used
same as Prwin1
Item 8 used for 'units'
Item 11 used for 'bold'
Same as 1.0.204 Item 8 used for text OPTIONS
Item 11 used for object COLOUR

Each line in the GPT file has the format...

Number, , Order , Command , Source , Alias , Format , Align , Units (v1)
Options (v3)
, Orientation , Size , Bold (v1)
Colour (v3)
, Left , Top , Right , Bottom

123 456 789 101112 131415

Notes: If a formula is used that contains commas (e.g. =IF(criteria,Value1,Value2)) , use '~' as the delimiter between items.
Prwin3 assumes a line has been upgraded to v3 if item 8 (options) is more that 10 characters eg GGGGGGGGGG

ItemNotesv 3 Notes
1NumberReport number from GNAMES.TXT (not used)
2OrderPrinting order (not used)
3Commandsee Command Codes
4SourceText, data field or formula
6Formatd/m/y; 0.00; DWU - see Format Codes.
7AlignLeft; Centre; Right; LeftWrap - see Align Codes
8 Units1=display units (e.g. mm/day); 0 = no units Options eg HHGHGGGGG G=OFF, H= ON
1=border; 2=bold; 3=units {; 4=NegativeInRed (ON)}
9OrientationPosition relative to point see Text Boxes and Labels
10SizeRelative size of font (100% = standard; 200 = big), or line width in points
11Bold1 = bold; 0 = normalColour
12LeftLeft coordinate position
13TopTop coordinate position
14RightRight coordinate position
15BottomBottom coordinate position

Command Codes

Available commands...

idCommandPurposeSourcePosition Units
1 ReportTitleBegin a Report
eg 1,1,ReportTitle,DripBlock
9 GraphType Set the current graph type 0 = Depth Graph | 1 = Time Graph  
10 GraphPosition Set current graph position
eg 1, 1, GraphPosition,,,,,,,,,10,10,50,45 'position graph
11 GraphTickSize Set tick size size graph
12 GraphLegendPosition Set current graph legend position paper
13 GraphSymbolSize Set symbol size size graph
14 GraphScale Set current graph scale
1, 1, GraphScale,,,,,,,,,1/11/2004,450,CRNTDATE+10,0 'set time graph scale
1, 1, GraphScale,,,,,,,,,10,0,50,120 'set depth graph scale
56 PlotGraph Plot current graph  
57 PlotAxes Plot just axes  
20 Text Plot text from a data field data
21 Label Plot a label
may contain variables eg Ranch %FARMNAME%
22 Formula Plot result of a numeric formula data
25 IndirectFormula Outputs the evaluation of text that is a formula
eg 1, 1, IndirectFormula, LOWER,,,,,,,,90,10,95,12 'LOWER contains a formula for lower limit
Field name data
24 Picture Plot image. .BMP, .JPG or .WMF format file name
relative to app\reports\
30 Line Draw line from Left,Top - Right,Bottom
Source can (optionally) set the colour Size can (optionally) set the line width in points
(also applies to box and arrows)
31 Box Draw box from Left,Top - Right,Bottom data
32 Arrow Draw arrow from Left,Top -> Right,Bottom data
33 DoubleArrow Draw double arrow from Left,Top <-> Right,Bottom data
36 Gauge 'Fuel gauge' showing current RZ1 relative to Full and Refill/PWP, or 'Bucket' of water allocation.
Source = RZ1 or K5, etc
Orientation = 0 = lower base is refill | 1 = lower base is PWP
Align = 0 = Fuel gauge showing RZ1; Align = 1 = plot as bucket of allocated water
Size = relative font size (over-ride default font) of labels
Bold = 0 normal | 1 = bold
eg 1, 1, GAUGE,,,,,,1,80,1,60,20,62,35
base PWP; font 80% of standard, bold, gauge at horiz= 60-62%, vertical=20-35%
eg 1, 1, GAUGE,K5,,,,,0,100,1,70,20,72,35
cumulative delivered water in keydata row 5, allocated amount entered as maximum, bucket at horiz= 70-72%, vertical=20-35%
60 Colour Set colour for following items colour
61 BackColour Clear and set background colour
but not printer
62 DrawWidth Set width in points for following lines width points
63 DrawStyle Set line style lines 0 = solid
1 = dotted
67 Font Name = Source; Size = Alias Font Name  
28 Include Include another report
e.g. 1, 1, Include, DripBlock 'print report called DripBlock
Report name  
16 GraphRows Set which rows to plot on time graph.
eg 1, 1, GraphRows, 2, RZ1 'plot field list RZ1
0 = All
1 = Selected
2 = Field list; Alias = Field list name
17 GraphColumns Set which columns to plot on depth graph.
eg 1, 1, GraphColumns, 2, 3 'plot last 3 readings
0 = All
1 = Selected
2 = Latest. Alias = NumberOfLatest
v3 Commands
2 BeginIf Start of an IF block condition  
3 BeginElseIf Start of an ELSE IF block condition  
4 BeginElse Start of an ELSE block  
5 EndIf End of an IF block
1 ,1, BEGINIF, CROPNUM=20 'if site crop number = 20 do the following commands
1 ,1, BEGINIF, DRIP 'if site is a 'drip' do the following commands
1 ,1, BEGINIF, Option49 'if site is a 'text import' do the following commands
1 ,1 ,BEGINELSEIF, FARM = 4 'if farm number = 4 do the following commands
1 ,1 ,ELSE 'otherwise do the following commands

see option codes
6 Select Start of Select/Case block Variable name  
7 Case if any value is true then then following lines are output value(s)
eg 1,3
4 Else following lines are output if no output from other CASE    
8 EndSelect end of select block    
1,1,CASE, 1 'if crop number=1 do the following...
1~1~CASE~ 2,3 'if crop number=2 or 3 do the following...
1,1,ELSE  'for any other crop number do the following...
41 ProfileGauge Diagram showing changes in soil moisture down profile
15 GraphOption Set any option. Alias = value of option
1, 1 , GraphOption, 21, 1 'set option(21) = 1 = 'plot Refill profile on depth graphs'
See option codes
29 RestoreSettings Restore all options to user settings  
35 NewPage Print a new page  
37 Orientation Set paper orientation
1,1,Orientation,2 'switch to landscape
1 = Portrait
2 = Landscape

Labels, text and formulas

Text can be positioned in two different ways...

  1. If Right, Bottom are entered then...


    3,3,LABEL,Full:,,,R,,1,100,1,88,10,92,12 prints 'Full:' right aligned in a box from 88-92 % horizontal, 10-12 % vertical.
  2. If Right, Bottom are not entered then...


    3,3,LABEL,CRNTAMT,,AMT,1,0,-8,100,0,CRNTDATE,CRNTAMT,, The value of RZ1 is printed just above the last probe reading...

Position Units

The position of a graph and the legend are in percent of paper (or screen) - top left of paper is 0%, 0%; centre of paper is 50%, 50%; bottom right of paper is 100%, 100%

The position of all other items (text, labels, lines, arrows, scales) are in either...

(1) Percent paper units

Left=50, Right=50exact centre of the screen or paper.


(2) Data units

Can be specified as either a value or a formula.

If the position is numeric (e.g. 50) it is assumed to be percent % paper units.

Top = 5050% of paper

If alpha or a formula (e.g. FULL+20 or +250 ) it is assumed to be in 'real-world' data units (e.g. mm of water). The value is then converted to percent paper to position the item.

Top = Full + 20Full point + 20

Text alignment

Text can be aligned inside a box

Leftaligned with left side of box
Rightaligned with right side of box
Centrecentre aligned
LeftWrap as above, but with text wrapped
use '|' for New Line
use '@' for tab

Text and formula options

Prwin2 saves extra options for text and formulas as characters. G = 0 (OFF); H = 1 (ON); I = 2, etc

e.g. GHHGGGGGG will show text in bold, and numeric values with units

1Plot border around object
2Text in bold
3Show units (e.g. mm)
4Display in red if negative

Numeric codes for graph options

Numeric codes used with command GraphOption to over-ride user preferences

CodeTime graph...
1Plot Effective Rainfall
2Plot Delivered Rainfall
3Plot Effective Irrigations
4Plot Delivered Irrigations
5Plot Prediction using Probe DWU
6Plot Prediction using Estimated DWU
7Plot Prediction using site formula DWU
8Plot Last Year
9Plot Weather
11Plot Prediction using ScheduleDWU
13Plot Associated3
14Plot DWU calculated from site DWU formula
15Plot Selected global formulas
0 = Use Global settings
1 = use local, site-specific, settings for site
CodeDepth graph...
19Plot Permanent wilting point profile
20Plot Full point profile
21Plot Refill point profile
22Shade between Full-to-Refill profiles
23Shade between latest profiles
24Shade between Current-to-Full profiles
25Shade between Current-to-Refill profiles
26Shade between Current-to-Previous profiles
27Plot Last year
0 = use Global settings
1 = use local, site-specific, settings for site

Other options...

41GainsSavedIn0 = separate column
1 = keydata rows
42DeliveredIrrigationRowKeydata row for delivered irrigations
43EffectiveIrrigationRowKeydata row for effective irrigations
44DeliveredRainRowKeydata row for delivered rains
45EffectiveRainRowKeydata row for effective rains
46PredictMode0 = existing date/amount system
1 = drip method (amount = DWU*DAYS)
47CorrectForRZ1ChangeAdd any change in RZ1 from previous probe readings
48CorrectForLimits0 = None
1 = stay inside limits
2 = track to average
49AutoImportTextFileAutomatic import from text file and append new data.
Ver2 below
50CorrectForKSoilCorrect DWU using Ksoil when predicting
51ScheduleUserEnteredDateUser has changed the schedule date
52ScheduleUserEnteredAmountUser has changed the schedule amount
53ScheduleWith0 = ProbeDWU
1 = EstimatedDWU
2 = site Historical DWU formula
54ScheduleLocalUsing local setting for CorrectForLimits, CorrectForRZ1Change, DripDays
55CorrectPDWUIf scheduling with PDWU, and PDWU < 0 or > 10, use EDWU (or HDWU)
56AutomaticPostGain???is this the same as Prwin1 ???

Examples of graph report definitions

3,3,LABEL,Full:,,,1,0,-6,,0,88,10,, A label with 'Full:', positioned to the left of X=88%,Y=10%
3,4,FORMULA,Full,,AMT,0,1,-2,,0,88,10,, Value of full point in amount (e.g. mm or ins) units, positioned to the right of X=88%,Y=10%
3,3,ARROW,,,,,,,1,, CRNTDATE, CRNTAMT-20, CRNTDATE, CRNTAMT A vertical arrow pointing to the last probe reading...
3,3,LINE,,,,,,,,,BUDBURST,TYMAX,BUDBURST,TYMIN A vertical line at date = BUDBURST (set as global formula)

Ticks and symbols

The size of ticks and symbol are in units of percent of graph size.

Ticks=2 will give 'standard' ticks with a length of 2% of the size of the graph; ticks=100 will give a grid across the graph.

Format codes

Format codes are used to set the display format. The value displayed (e.g. mm or ins, and decimal places) will also depend on ProbeMenu/DisplayUnits

DWUDaily water use in mm/day
AMTAmount of water in mm
VOLVolume of water in Ml
AREAArea in Ha
DEPTHDepth of reading in cm
VSWVolumetric soil moisture in %
EMITRATEVolumetric soil moisture in %
0.01 decimal place
0.0003 decimal places

Other Microsoft format codes (as used in Excel) can also be used.

Screen definitions (SPT)

Different screen layouts can be customised. Each layout is given a name, and can be chosen on SeasonsMenu/Edit.

To customise screen layout definitions use ProbeMenu/SystemOptions and edit the file SCRITEMS.TXT or SPT file.

Ver2 has a slightly different format with more options, but it also has an SPT editor.

Prior to version 1.0.204 After version 1.0.204 Version 3
  • All screen layout items are in the file SCRITEMS.TXT
  • The layout number was the first item in the line.
  • Layout names were in the file SCREENS.TXT.
  • The file SCREENS.TXT is not used
  • The layout number is not used
  • Different layouts start with the command ReportTitle
  • As well as SCRITEMS.TXT, any *.SPT files in C:\Prwin folder are also available
  • Use SitesMenu/Layout to choose a layout.
  • Use SitesMenu/Layout/Edit to configure.
  • All SPT files must be in the shared reports folder.

Each line in the SPT file has the format...

LayoutNumber, Column, Type, Source, Width, Format, Align, Units, Title 'Comment

1LayoutNumberSame number as LayoutName in SCREENS.TXT. (not used after v1.0.204)
2ColumnScreen column number, starting at 1
4SourceField name, or formula
5WidthWidth of column in characters
6FormatFormat code for numeric data
7AlignLeft | Right | Centre
8Units1 = units (e.g. mm/day); 0 = no units
9TitleTitle at top of column.
Separate lines with '|'.
Can also include variables e.g. \UAMT will display mm/day
CommentExplanatory text that will be displayed if user right clicks on column title

Examples of screen column definitions...

LineResult on screen
2,0,ReportTitle,PR41Sitesstart of a new layout called PR41Sites
2,1,Text,SITE,6,0,0,0,Site|Num'Site number - entered into Hydroprobe

In column 1


1,5,Formula,REFILL,7,AMT,R,0,Refill|\UAMT'Water holding capacity at which the plant shows stress

In column 5


1,6,Formula,FULL-CRNTAMT,8,AMT,R,1,Deficit|\UAMT 'amount required to be applied to bring back to full point

In column 5



Import definitions (IPT)

The lines at the top of the file are set by various options on SitesMenu/Import

These options allow the data to be filtered, only importing a reading every 6 hours, for example

If the data is from continuous logging systems, an irrigation can be automatically posted if there is an increase in soil moisture

There are two types of lines...

Note: ver2 has a different format, but it also has an IPT editor.

Imported columns

The line has the format...

Cn, Format, Start, Width, Row 'Comment

1CnColumn number e.g. C4
2FormatG - any numeric
DT - date and/or time
T - text
3StartStart of data in characters - not required for delimited data files
4WidthNumber of characters - not required for delimited data files
5RowNormally 1, but some loggers output data over more than 1 line
Commentany text as a comment or reminder after a ' is ignored.

Examples of column definitions...

C1, DT, 0, 0, 1 'date+timeDate and time information in column 1
C2, G, 0, 0, 1 'rainGeneral data in column 2 (rain in this case)
C3, G, 12, 23 , 1General data, from character positions 12 to 23 incl, in line 1

Destination of imported data

The line has the format...

On,Source,Destination,Calculated 'Comment

1OnOutput number e.g. O3
2SourceColumn number (e.g. C3) or a formula
3DestinationTYPE | DATE | R1-R16 | SN | K1-K16 - see examples
4Calculated0 = calculated, 1 = just a column
Commentany text after a ' is ignored - can be used for comments or reminders.


O1~1~TYPE~ 0 'probe1 (code for Probe) put in TYPE
O2~C1~DATE~ 0 'dateDate/Time from column 1 put in DATE
O3~C8~R1~ 0 '20cmValue in column 8 put in Reading 1 (probably 20cm reading)
O4~C12~R2~ 0 '30cmValue in column 12 put in Reading 2 (probably 30cm reading)
O14~C15~K4~ 0 '50 cm temperatureValue in column 15 put in Keydata 4 (temperature ?)
O21~C13~K11~ 0 '40 cm salinityValue in column 12 put in Keydata 11 (salinity)