Scheduling Report

Scheduling Report

This report is designed to be printed just after a set of probe readings have been taken, to prepare for a farm scheduling meeting.

The symbols near the %Full column show the current state of the profile - a fuel gauge. The height of the symbol is = Full-Refill, the blue indicates 'water', and the yellow dry soil or 'empty'.

The red symbol shows when the irrigation is due, together with the amount. Amounts can be in...

The delivery rate is the rate that needs to be delivered. If irrigations on different sites overlap the total required rate will be calculated. (the 3048 Kl/day on 11 Nov is needed for both site V2 and site V8)

Delivery rates can be per...

The 'due date' column can be formatted by the user to be day/month - in this example it has been formatted to show hours:minutes.

The irrigations for each site are shown positioned at their scheduled date and time, but they can also be shown in fixed columns giving the volume of water required on a day-by-day basis (as in the totals row).