Probe for Windows: Upgrading from version 1 to version 3

Probe for Windows version 3 was developed to test new ideas and features.

Some of these new features are (possibly) a good idea, but many seemed like a good idea at the time.

Version 3 has been used by consultants and growers for the last 3 seasons. They are using CPN 503DR Neutron Probe, the Instrotek Elite, the Sentek Diviner 2000, and various continous logged data.

But we agree - it got far too complicated and ambitious, and, for example, we would recommend DropBox instead of FileMenu/Transfer.

Installing version 3

The full software and upgrades can be downloaded here
First save to your computer, then run setup.exe or upgrade.exe.

The software will install in folder: C:\Prwin

You may need to right click and raise your User Account Control (UAC) when you run setup.exe or upgrade.exe.

Setup.exe also installs standard Microsoft files in C:\Windows\System32, but they may already be on the PC.
All other files - programme and data - are installed in or below C:\Prwin.


Normally data files (MDB) are saved in: C:\Prwin.

But if you are operating on a local netowrk, or a Consultant who have data files emailed from outer offices,???

All uploaded post files are saved in C:\Prwin\Postfiles. Extra sub-folders can be created (eg C:\Prwin\Postfiles\2009).

All report files (*.rpt and *.gpt) must be in C:\Prwin\reports. This folder can be set to a shared network folder - see ProbeMenu/SystemOptions:reports tab.

All files used in calculations (*.dwu, *.rdi, etc) must be in C:\Prwin\Shared. This folder can also be set to a shared network folder - see ProbeMenu/SystemOptions: shared tab.

After version 3 has been run for the first time, these files will be automatically copied...

C:\Windows\Prwin.iniC:\Prwin\prwin2.iniuser settings: baud rate, etc
C:\Prwin\*.gptC:\Prwin\reports\*.gptgraph reports
C:\Prwin\*.rptC:\Prwin\reports\*.rptreport definition files
C:\Prwin\*.dwuC:\Prwin\shared\*.dwudaily water use files
C:\Prwin\*.rdiC:\Prwin\shared\*.rdirdi files
C:\Prwin\*.iptC:\Prwin\shared\*.iptimport definition files
C:\Prwin\prgstyle.txtC:\Prwin\shared\prgstyle.txtgraph styles
C:\Prwin\*.p??tC:\Prwin\postfilespost files

version 3 is therefore independant of version 1.

Some installations have had problems with OCX files (part of the software) not being registered.
You might need to... {REGSVR32.EXE notes to go here}


Prwin version 3 will require a new licence.

The software can be used for 30 days from first use without a licence.

If the software is re-installed the password does not need to be re-issued.

A new password i sonly required if the hard disk is replaced; for a new PC; or a transfer to another PC.