Probe for Windows: Upgrading from version 1 to version 3

Probe for Windows version 3 was developed to test new ideas and features.

Some of these new features are (possibly) a good idea, but many seemed like a good idea at the time.

Version 3 has been used by consultants and growers for several seasons. They are using CPN 503DR Neutron Probe, the Instrotek Elite, the Sentek Diviner 2000, and various other continous logged data.

But we agree - it got far too complicated and ambitious - we would recommend (for example) using DropBox instead of FileMenu/Transfer.

Installing version 3

The full software and upgrades can be downloaded here
First save to your computer, then run setup_3_1_123.exe or upgrade_3_1_123.exe.

To upgrade an existing installation use 'upgrade'

(Windows system files may be missing on the PC, in which case run: 'Full install')

Shortcuts and/or menus will be changed to: C:\Prwin\prwin3.exe

If you need to revert to Prwin v1, use right click/Properties and change back to: C:\Prwin\prwin.exe.

The software will install in folder: C:\Prwin

You may need to right click and raise your User Account Control (UAC) when you run setup.exe or upgrade.exe.

Setup.exe also installs standard Microsoft files in C:\Windows\System32, but they may already be on the PC.
All other files - programme and data - are installed in or below C:\Prwin.

Problem using Prwin v1 on current versions of MS Windows

The problem was not the Windows version (XP,W7,W10, etc), but whether it was a 32 or 64 bit version of windows

Windows 7, for example, was available in both 32 or 34 bit, but Prwin v1 would only run on Windows 7(32bit).

Up to about 2012, notebooks with 32 bit versions of Windows installed were available, but currently only 64 bit are being sold.

To check which version you have see here

MDB file version

Prwin(1) uses MS Access (Jet) version 2.0 files for seasons, sites, readings and calibrations.

However, depending on the version of MS Office that has been installed on your PC, Prwin3 might not be able to read these files.

A utility programme UpgradeMDB (download) can be used to upgrade MDB data files from v2.0 to v3.0

Note: Prwin(1) will not be able to read v 3.0 files (UpgradeMDB also makes a copy of the version 2.0 file, just in case).

Download the file and save in C:\Prwin\upgrademdb.exe
Run the software and use Files: to select MDB data files - AllSeas.MDB, PRLocal.MDB, 20xxDATA.MDB, etc


Normally data files (MDB) are saved in: C:\Prwin.

But if you are operating on a local network, or you are a consultant and have data files emailed from outer offices, the location of all data files can be set ProbeMenu/SystemOptions:main tab

All uploaded post files are saved in C:\Prwin\Postfiles. Extra sub-folders can be created (eg C:\Prwin\Postfiles\2009).

All report files (*.rpt and *.gpt) must be in C:\Prwin\reports. This folder can be set to a shared network folder - see ProbeMenu/SystemOptions:reports tab.

All files used in calculations (*.dwu, *.rdi, etc) must be in C:\Prwin\Shared. This folder can also be set to a shared network folder - see ProbeMenu/SystemOptions: shared tab.

After version 3 has been run for the first time, these files will be automatically copied...

C:\Windows\Prwin.iniC:\Prwin\prwin2.iniuser settings: baud rate, etc
C:\Prwin\*.gptC:\Prwin\reports\*.gptgraph reports
C:\Prwin\*.rptC:\Prwin\reports\*.rptreport definition files
C:\Prwin\*.dwuC:\Prwin\shared\*.dwudaily water use files
C:\Prwin\*.rdiC:\Prwin\shared\*.rdirdi files
C:\Prwin\*.iptC:\Prwin\shared\*.iptimport definition files
C:\Prwin\prgstyle.txtC:\Prwin\shared\prgstyle.txtgraph styles
C:\Prwin\*.p??tC:\Prwin\postfilespost files

version 3 is therefore independant of version 1 - you are able to revert back to using Prwin(1).

Some installations have had problems with OCX files (part of the software) not being registered.
You might need to... {REGSVR32.EXE notes to go here}


Prwin version 3 will require a new licence.

If you are installing on a PC that does not have Prwin(1) installed, the software can be used for 30 days from first use without a licence.

If the software is re-installed the password does not need to be re-issued.

A new password is only required if the hard disk is replaced; for a new PC; or a transfer to another PC.

Initial values

Initial values of files and folders, and Section/Key in prwin2.ini

SectionKeyInitial ValueNotes, also shipped
GeneralFile1AllSeas.mdblast file opened
GeneralDataFolderC:\Prwinfolder for MDB files. 0=this folder; 1=Current AllSeas folder
GeneralGraphReportsPRWIN.GPTshippe d???
GeneralAgronomyHelpAGRONOMY.HLPto be removed
GeneralGlobalFormulasformulas.txtuser formulas
GraphsGraphINIFileGRAPHS.INIAxes settings