Water Allocation

This report was developed for AvAg consulting, of Mt Gambier, Australia. The crop is pasture for dairy cattle - about 65 Ha irrigated with a centre pivot. A water meter on the pump is read every week at the same time as the soil moisture status is measured. This graph report shows the state of the site on 10 Feb 2006.

The thick blue line shows total soil moisture, and the thinner green line the soil moisture in the previous (2004-05) season.

The thick red line at the bottom is the cumulative total water used (Ml/Ha), and the black line is the water used in the previous (2004-05) season.

The total amount of Ml used so far is in the legend (5.0 Ml/Ha on 15 Feb 2006). The total allocation for the 2005-06 season was 7.5 Ml/Ha.

The left hand 'fuel' gauge shows the current soil moisture at 91% (relative to the Full and Refill points).

On the right is a 'bucket' - full with the allocated water at the start of the season, but at this date it is showing 5.0 Ml/Ha (66%) of the allocated water used.

The delivered water values could have come from a meter on drip lines, or manually entered using ProbeMenu/PostIrrigations.

The keydata formulas are...

K1Meter0meter readings entered manually
K3Kl/weekVOL@DIFF(K1)*10difference between meter readings. 10 converts to Kl for this meter
K4Total KlVOL@ACC(K3)adds up K3 (Kl/week) to give total Kl in season so far
K5Ml/Ha2=K4/(Area*1000)divides K4 (total Kl) by AREA to get Kl/Ha, and by 1000 to get Ml/Ha
K6mm/weekAMT=K3/(AREA*10)the '10' converts Kl/Ha to mm

Data courtesy A.B. & T.M. Virgo, AvAg Consulting, Mt Gambier, SA 5290, Australia.