Probe for Windows Upgrade Notes

Prwin icon These notes are for upgrades earlier than v 1.0.200 - see here for later versions.

Upgrade notes

22 November 1999 Version 1.0.199

  1. PostGains - Automatic calculation of effective gain - choice of PDWU or EDWU now available on form
  2. PostReadings - Automatic calculation of effective gain - choice of PDWU or EDWU now available on form
  3. PostReadings - Error when also posting gains -   EstDWU was set equal to gain amount
  4. ReadingsMenu/Scheduling - Current state - if the last irrigation was 'flood' the date and amount were incorrect.
  5. SitesMenu/Where - Choices simplified to configure where criteria for sites screen.
  6. SiteGDWU - A formula in a report referring to SITEGDWU now uses site-specific formula (if present)
  7. SchedulingReport - Fuel gauge symbol height - text on option buttons reversed ; Note about units at end of report made optional; number formatting when printing to file

12 November 1999 Version 1.0.198

  1. Backup - Fix of problem backing up from a network drive, with compaction
  2. AccessJr - V 1.0.4 - fix of same problem when compacting.
  3. ImportPR41 - Extra data fields in SITES table created - fix of problem after ImportPR41 user had to use EditSeason/Advanced/CheckMDBFile.
  4. GraphPreview - print setup button removed (use FileMenu/PrintSetup instead)

8 November 1999 Version 1.0.197

  1. FileMenu - Number of recent files at bottom of file menu increased to 10
  2. Starting PRwin - The name of an ALLSEAS.MDB file can be included on the command line. Prwin will start if an ALLSEAS.MDB file is double-clicked in Explorer for allseasn be chained with
  3. ProbeMenu/SystemOptions - MDB file where FARMS data is stored can be either in the current ALLSEAS.MDB file, or in a nominated MDB file.
  4. SitesScreen - Farm drop-down only shows the farms which have sites in the current season

5 October 1999 Version 1.0.196

  1. GraphReports - Graph scale values saved correctly as variables TXMIN, TXMAX, TYMIN, TYMAX
  2. GraphReports - Reports can be chained with INCLUDE command
  3. Farms - data field for STATE was not in database and was removed

1 October 1999 Version 1.0.195

  1. About/Splash - Layout and logo changed
  2. Readings - Calculation of total water used with @CUM() function starts accumulating from Planting Date, and fix of error with @SM() and @RATE() in column 1
  3. Readings - Column widths and row heights as set by user saved
  4. Readings - Fix of part of right hand column partly obscured
  5. Season/SitesScreen - Name of data file added to window title bar
  6. GraphsPrintPreview - Print from 'graph preview' removed
  7. Graphs - fix of problem when plotting vertical bars

23 August 1999 Version 1.0.194

  1. Date of LastBackup - fix of problem with format of last backup date in PRWIN.INI

19 August 1999 Version 1.0.193

  1. NewSeason - Intermittent error when copying data from an existing season data  file

17 August 1999 Version 1.0.192

  1. FinalExit - Intermittent error 'QueryUnload: Object does not support this property'  fixed (finally, we hope)
  2. PostGains - When posting from file, if to the same site the amount can be totalled or averaged.
  3. Backup - Only MDB files will be compacted before zipping
  4. Formulas - @DATESERIAL(Year,Month,Day) and @TIMESERIAL(Hour,Minute,Second) added
  5. ReadingsMenu/Average - Readings posted as separate tubes can be averaged

8 August 1999 Version 1.0.191

Readings screen rewrite with coloured columns.

  1. Readings Screen - Set colours with ReadingsMenu/Options, and user adjustable column and row size
  2. FileMenu/Export - Serial number reports (SN.RPT and SNSITE.RPT) lists probe serial numbers used at each site. User needs to regenerate the list of serial numbers with <RefreshSerialNumberList> before running report.
  3. FileMenu/Export - General SQL queries allowed
  4. FileMenu/Export - Column widths specified in cm and not characters.   Any user written reports will need editing to change width in charadters to cm
  5. FileMenu/Export - All items in report definition files separated with a ~, and not a comma
  6. ProbeMenu/PostReadings - Re-formatting of post files from IBIS
  7. ReadingsUpdate - Error with 'deficit' calculation after posting gains (required a 2nd Update)
  8. Backup - temporary file TEMP.MDB is deleted before compaction
  9. Trace file - Prwin version number added to trace file
  10. Variable NULL - will return nothing when used in formulas
  11. FinalExit - Intermittent error 'QueryUnload: Object does not support this property' (still a problem !! - fixed in 1.0.192)
  12. Graph/Summary - Summary information refreshed automatically as sites changed

22 June 1999 Version 1.0.190

New reports and overlaid graphs added.

  1. FileMenu/Print - GAINS.RPT report added
  2. FileMenu/Print - Readings report added
  3. FileMenu/Print - Irrigations Historical Report added
  4. FileMenu/Print - Irrigations Schedule Report added
  5. FileMenu/GraphReports - Overlaid graphs enabled
  6. Readings - In 'Counts' mode, counts displayed as raw data but all other data now formatted normally
  7. Help - Context sensitive help enabled
  8. PR41 Import - Fixed error with data file existing (introduced in 1.0.187)
  9. Graphs - Small change to exact position of text and text wrapping on graph screen and reports
  10. Graphs - Fixed error with Global/Local scale
  11. Graphs - Space between symbols and text increased
  12. Exit from Prwin - Intermittent error when quitting on slow PC (possible fix)
  13. Backup - Fixed error on disk 2+ prompt message when using muliti-disks

12 May 1999 Version 1.0.189

  1. Graphs - Multiple graph re-plots to screen after using graph menus (needs confirmation)
  2. AccessJr - Problems with 'create new databases'

20 April 1999 Version 1.0.188

Note: v1.0.188 compiled on VB4 service upgrade

  1. Graphs - Total crash if no readings - (calculating status of last water content)
  2. Backup - Both Backup and Restore allow user to select destination drive and directory. This allows a file to be restored to a different sub-directory.
  3. Farms - The farms can be in a separate MDB file, nominated in ProbeMenu/SystemOptions.
    Use SeasonMenu/CheckMDB files after changing the farm file
    The MDB file needs to contain the table 'FARMS' - use AccessJr to create databases and copy tables

1 March 1999 Version 1.0.187

  1. PostReadings - Altering site numbers - Sites that are not in the Lookup file are not logged as an error
  2. PostReadings - Site numbers altered before sorting (Diane/Southcorp)
  3. Backup - When 'Restore' used, user is prompted for the name of the ZIP file (Simon/CIC)
  4. Backup - File to backup is changed if the user changes the 'Post Season' (Antony/CIC)
  5. Graphs - readings update before plotting graphs (Graham/CIC)

1 Jan 1999 Version 1.0.186

  1. Graphs - 'Planting Date' at end of 'Plot last 30 days etc' combo list (inserts XMIN='PDATE-10')
  2. Export - Sub-menu to allow user to choose report definition file
  3. Export - 'LONGTIME' format for irrigation amounts in time units
  4. Update - Error with pdwu calculation if last column/event is not a probe probe readings
  5. SplashScreen - Remains on screen for 5 secs, or untill all season files have been checked
  6. GraphsFieldLists - Load error if 'FITEMS.TXT' is edited using Notepad
  7. Export - List of reports refreshed if a new RPT file is created.

22 Dec 1998 Version 1.0.185

  1. Upload - strip line number from header line with 8 cals
  2. PostReadings - errors posting flood gain while posting readings
  3. Readings - select bottom row of readings screen with mouse
  4. Graphs - reduced number of screen re-plots after using graph menu (not complete)

12 Dec 1998 Version 1.0.184

  1. Save data - save readings made optional on ProbeMenu/SystemOptions
  2. Printing/Dongle - dongle checked 4 times before reporting 'no dongle', (and new dongle driver), to attempt to avoid problems when printing. (not yet verified)
  3. Update - calculations on readings screen (@CUM(), @RATE()) enabled
  4. Uploading and Posting - fix errors when using 'old' hydroprobes with 8 calibrations(not yet verified)
  5. Graph Reports - errors with predicted dates with 'TimeGraph&PR41summary' and 'DepthGraph&PR41summary'

23 Nov 1998 Version 1.0.182

  1. Update - automatic effective gain calculations correctly handles a negative effective gain.

23 Nov 1998 Version 1.0.165

  1. Irrigation time - LONGTIME format allows entry and display of irrigation times longer than 24 hours e.g. 36:30. Used on TextBoxes on PostReadings, EditSite and Scheduling screens.
  2. Readings screen - hide ID and selected rows; fix bug when switching to 'counts' display
  3. Express Post - now goes to Post after uploading.
  4. Groups - multi-select for sites in EditGroups
  5. Graphs - Units (mm/day) not displayed when plotting ProbeDWU on Root Zone 1 line
  6. Scheduling - Emitter/dripper information added to calculate total delivered volumes
  7. Post Readings - post the number of tubes that have been averaged to a user nominated keydata row
  8. Alter Post Readings - fix problem when more than 50 items in lookup file

19 Nov 1998 Version 1.0.151

  1. Backup - Zip and Unzip included in main programme
  2. Readings screen - ReadingsMenu/DeleteColumns has user entry of criteria for deletion of columns
  3. Sites screen - Selection enabled on sites screen
  4. Graphs - Remove GraphMenu/TimeGraph/PlotAll lines (also on GraphOptions screen)
  5. Readings screen - New column type of 'FloodIrrigation'

Missing features

The following features and functions are still to be implemented in V 1.0.- All Done!!!!

  1. Gains Report - printed report of total delivered and effective rainfalls and irrigations for each site (1.0.190)
  2. Readings Report - printed version of readings screen - all readings or latest(1.0.190)
  3. Allocation Report - same as PR41 allocation report. Required amounts of water that needs to be delivered in next 14 days; and also historical analysis of whole season(1.0.190)
  4. IrrigationImport - optional combine amounts if posting to same site (v 1.0.192)

Known problems

The following problems and bugs have yet to be fixed.

  1. Graphs - 'double refresh' after leaving GraphMenu (see v 1.0.185, 1.0.189 )
  2. Graphs - buttons not being redrawn (intermittent)  - seems to be associated with low memory.
  3. Graphs - buttons left inactive(grey) [fix: re-plot using GraphMenu]
  4. Readings - errors after changing site definition using SiteMenu/Edit (fix is to change sites)
  5. Readings - 'overflow' if scrolling too fast using scroll bars.
  6. Graphs - Using 'GlobalScales' gives problem with time graph settings (no 'DATE')
  7. Readings/Graphs - Data or Graph settings not saved if switching between screens
  8. EditSeasonFiles - 'Error' when loading file if in date format mode
  9. Update - A readings update is not taking place automatically (see v 1.0.187)
  10. Sites/Scheduling - If water is below refill and 'use today'=false, Prwin predicts an irigation date of 31/12/1899, instead of displaying 'Below Refill'.
  11. Sites - data duplicated on sites screen. The data on the readings screen is correct, but on the Sites screen it appears on the correct site and the site below. (Fixed v1.0.200)

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Requested features and functions

The following features have been requested for future versions.

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