Probe for Windows Upgrade Notes

RSNE Icon Status at 20 Nov 2012 - latest version is 1.0.246

Upgrade Notes for versions earlier than 1.0.200

Missing features

Known problems and bugs

Features requested for release 2

Upgrade notes

Red Bullet - indicates new or amended feature (as against a bug fix that should never have been there in the first place...)

20 Nov 2012 v1.0.246

  1. SitesMenu/Import - Import new data only - fix of bug with date rounding.
  2. SitesMenu/Edit - fix of bug with site name in list box when adding a new site.
  3. FileMenu/Register - chaged to allow Chinese unicode for password processing.

9 Oct 2008 v1.0.245

  1. Install - Installer changed to INNO to allow installation on Vista/W7.

6 Aug 2008 v1.0.244

  1. FileMenu/Registration - (Vista fix) - new password required. 30 days allowed before registering.
  2. FileMenu/Registration - Owner details can be changed by users (checksum not used in OWNER.OW2 file).

8 Dec 2007 v1.0.243

  1. GraphMenu/GraphStyles Plot Upper/Lower [bug] - fix of bug introduced in 1.2.234 when plotting varying limits.
  2. Groups [bug] Only sites in a group in the current season will be output.

26 July 2007 v1.0.242

  1. Red BulletProbeMenu/PostReadings - A new group with the same name as the post file can be created each time readings are posted.
  2. Red BulletProbeMenu/Groups - Sites in a group can be sorted, and will be processed/printed in this order.
    Use <Shift> and <Ctrl> to select multiple sites in both 'sites in season' and 'sites in group'.
    Show farms will show farms/ranches.

8 Jan 2007 v1.0.240

  1. Fomulas - [bug] =Rate() fix of bug introduced in v1.0.232

23 Aug 2006 v1.0.239

  1. FileMenu/PrintGraphReports - [bug] Preview form - next/previous not disabled when on last site.
  2. ProbeMenu/PostGains - [bug] always in 'pause' mode after posting to a site with 'gains in keydata rows'.

21 Aug 2006 v1.0.238

  1. Red BulletGraphMenu/Options - 'position tab' maximum number of ticks per cm settable by user.

17 Aug 2006 v1.0.237

  1. Red BulletGraphs - Full/Refill/Maximum lines show actual value as well as label. Minor changes to text size and positioning.
  2. Red BulletGraphs - Plot latest shading and colours - see FAQ: Plot latest.

5 Aug 2006 v1.0.234

  1. Red BulletGraphMenu/Options - 'position' tab. Time graph date axis has both month and day. Change to plotting full grid lines.
  2. Red BulletGraphMenu/Styles - New options to show 'value' on last point and on legend.
  3. Red BulletFileMenu/PrintGraphReports - 'printer' tab. Margins (default = 1 cm).
  4. Red BulletGraphReports - A Gauge 'SOURCE' can be used to plot *any* item.
    Align=1 displays as 'bucket' of allocated water, reducing as season progresses. See Format for GPT files
  5. GraphMenu/Styles - 'Maximum' line label always plotted for keydata items. (Previously linked to 'left label')
  6. FileMenu/PrintGraphReports - [bug] hidden axes not printed on page 1, but appearing on page 2+.
  7. GraphMenu/Sort - [bug] dragging through 'sort' menu triggered 'make full'.
  8. ProbeMenu/PostReadings - [bug] posting a gain cleared 'site selected'.
  9. (Compiled on RSNE5)

8 Mar 2006 v1.0.233

  1. Red BulletGraphMenu/Options - date format for time graph axis.

9 Feb 2006 v1.0.232

  1. PostReadings - fix of bug when time entered as keyadata item in Hydroprobe.
  2. @LKV() function - fix of bug with parameter defaults.
  3. New Site - default 'site-to-copy' = 9998.
  4. Command line - only MDB file as ALLSEAS.MDB in command line.

1 July 2005 v1.0.231

  1. Red BulletGraphMenu/Options - Last Season and weather - automatic calculation of date offset; automatic change style of last season.
  2. Red BulletSeasonsMenu/New - Automatic set of 'last season' when creating a new season by copying an existing season.
  3. Red BulletProbeMenu/Upload/Settings - Allow COM1 - COM50 (for USB ).
  4. Red BulletUpdate Root Zone - Allow a root zone to be above top depth; or below bottom depth; or between depths.
  5. Red BulletUpdate - Field 'RZ1START' = value of RZ1 at start of season. Season net gain= RZ1START - CRNTAMT
  6. FileMenu/Export/Readings bug - field names, full and refill values not sent to cdl file.

18 September 2004 v1.0.230

  1. Red BulletSitesMenu/Import - Support for Enviropro soil moisture and salinity system.

30 August 2003 v1.0.229

  1. Red BulletSitesMenu/Import - Support for Campbell, CIMIS, EIT, Decagon; Automatic post gains when importing.
  2. Red BulletDeph+Time Graphs on screen - Ctrl+Arrows (or using VCR arrows) locks the first profile selected (difficult to describe - try it and see...)
  3. Depth Graph - [bug] PWP profile plotted with correct style (19).

18 October 2002 v1.0.228

  1. Red Bullet PostReadings - Support for Adcon portable M-Probe; fix of bug averaging short tube and long tube.

18 October 2001 v1.0.225

  1. Red Bullet PostReadings - Automatic post gains if negative PDWU
  2. Red BulletTimeGraph - Prediction line plotted horizontally for drip.
  3. Root Zone Totals - fix of bug introduced in 224 if root zone limit is same as sensor depth.
  4. ReadingsMenu/Scheduling - fix of bug if no readings.

8 October 2001 v1.0.224

  1. Red BulletTrase - support for importing from Trase; optional correction for waveguide length.
  2. Predict Drip - Fix of bug displaying irrigation hours if value negative.
  3. Root Zone - fix of bug if root zone contains only the first (20cm) reading.
  4. Import - fix of bug importing to existing columns (on the same day).
  5. Red BulletPostReadings - allow date in post file to be in d/m/yy h:m format.
  6. Red BulletPostReadings/Diviner - <Upload> to run Diviner Utilities.
  7. Reports - fix 'new page after break' bug.

27 August 2001 v1.0.223

  1. Red BulletGraph Styles - new styles for time graphs 'Full', 'Refill','PWP', 'Upper' and 'Lower'.
  2. Red BulletGraphs Shading between latest/refill and latest/full; 'date' printed vertically at top of profile; rain/irrigation bars offset when entered as keydata items
  3. Red BulletImport - Import keydata items from file, with option of posting to same day (e.g. water meter readings).
  4. Red BulletScheduling - Option of keeping water content at Average(Upper,Lower) (not just between Upper and Lower).
  5. ProfileProbe/HH2 - fix of bug with number of readings in post file header line.

20 July 2001 v1.0.222

  1. Red BulletFormulas - @DIFF(), @ADD(), @ACC() calculations with successive values on readings screen (details) - e.g. water meter values Delivered=@DIFF(Meter)*10000/(30*WETWIDTH*EMITSPACE).
  2. Red BulletWetted area - Provision for using wetted area to calculate effective depths from irrigation volumes (details); new data fields PlantSpace and WetWidth on ReadingsMenu/Scheduling.
  3. GainsInKeydataRows - gains plotted correctly when option chosen on GraphMenu/Options 'plot delivered' etc
  4. Red BulletGraphReports - new commands NewPage, Orientation - allows multiple graph reports to be printed for each site.
  5. Red BulletHH2+ThetaProbes - support for multi-columns in lookup file to allow individual ThetaProbes to be posted to the same site (details).
  6. PostIrrigations - fix of bug when posting irrigations in 'Volume/Emitter' units. Re-fix of bug if total number of emitters > 32000.
  7. Blank Values - Values that are not valid displayed and printed as '-' (and not -32000); predicted dates where RZ1 below Lower shown as '< Lower'
  8. WinFax - Opens fax number dialogue if 'WINFAX' in device name
  9. CreateNewSite - fix of bug if copying a template site if the template had not been 'upgraded'.
  10. AverageReadings - fix of bug if serial number not used

24 May 2001 v1.0.221

  1. ReadingsExport - Fix of bug with not printing Serial Number; first page header had wrong farm name.
  2. TimeGraphs - Fix of bug with units (mm/ins) not being shown on rain/irrigation bars.
  3. ReadingsScreen - Fix of bug entering irrigation amounts if the area or delivery rates have not been entered for the site.

21 March 2001 v1.0.220

  1. Red BulletReadings - Shift+<Update> updates whole season
  2. Red BulletKeydata formulas - A separate name allowed for formulas, with syntax +EDWU*7:WeeklyET:DWU
  3. Red BulletFileMenu/Export/Preview - Copy to clipboard
  4. PostGains - Fix of bug if total number of emitters > 32000; remove messages when posting to keydata rows
  5. Red BulletFileMenu/GraphReports/Preview - Preview to different scales; copy to clipboard
  6. Red BulletFileMenu/Licence - licenced options displayed.

21 March 2001 v1.0.219

  1. Red BulletProbeMenu/PostReadings/Diviner - Ability to delete selected CSV files
  2. Red BulletFileMenu/Export/Readings - Optional output of SN, SiteNumber (to file); fix of bug printing multiple sites
  3. ProbeMenu/PostGains - Fix of bug with m/d/yyyy date format

10 February 2001 Version 1.0.218

  1. Red BulletReadingsMenu/Scheduling - New method to calculate required amount for drip (see details); Sites in list box to improve navigation.
  2. Red BulletSitesMenu/Edit - Ability to choose irrigations saved in keydata rows; enter Yield for SeasonSummary.
  3. Red BulletReadingMenu/EffectiveGain - The value of DWU that will be used is shown in the menu.
  4. Red BulletProbeMenu/PostGains - The gain amount can be in units of Volume/Emitter.
  5. Red BulletFileMenu/Import - New import format codes YYYYMMDD and HHMM to import CIMIS weather station files.
  6. Red BulletNew Variables - RDIFACTOR,DRIPDAYS available - see formulas for details.
  7. Red BulletReadingsMenu/Display/Irrigation - Display irrigation amounts in mm (ins) OR Kl (gallons) OR Time OR Kl/emit. Also allow user entry on readings screen in these units.
  8. ReadingsScreen - User not allowed to set a column to be 'Full', 'Refill' or 'PWP'; correct display of 'counts' when displaying ins/ft.
  9. GlobalFormulas - fix of bug when the result is <1 (0 added before decimal point).
  10. Delta-T Profile Probe - Fix of bug uploading in PR1 format (again); Site Identification with 'Device'.

27 January 2001 Version 1.0.217

  1. Red BulletReports - New irrigation reports that include the delivered and effective amounts of water delivered to the site since the last irrigation. (RIJKS1.RPT and RIJKS2.RPT)
  2. Red BulletReports - New irrigation report with amounts calculated from CIMIS ET0 * Kcrop, with output per Ha and per emitter (NAPA.RPT) .
  3. Red BulletScheduling -Delivery.  Vine row spacing, emitter spacing and emitter delivery rate saved with each site, so that total delivery per emitter can be calculated.
  4. Red BulletNew Variables - LIRRDAMT, LIRREAMT, LIRRDRAIN, LIRRERAIN, ROWSPACE, EMITSPACE, EMITRATE available - see formulas for details.
  5. Red BulletDisplayUnits - New category for emitter delivery rate (default = litres/hour). Note: emitter spacing is displayed in the same units chosen for 'depth'.
  6. Update - If a gain was in the first column the error message (Date Error in col 0/nn) is now stopped

10 January 2001 Version 1.0.216

  1. Update with Flood irrigations - fix of problems if a flood is last column or first column.
  2. Delta-T Profile Probe - Fix of bug uploading in PR1 format
  3. Post Irrigations - fix of bug with 'year' when importing from Agriplas

5 January 2001 Version 1.0.215

  1. Red BulletDelta-T Profile Probe - Allow just 'PLOT' letter as site identification; allow lookup file to have comments
  2. Red BulletDiviner - Allow lookup file to have comments.

15 December 2000 Version 1.0.214

  1. Red Bullet SoilTension - Equivalent soil tension can be calculated and displayed with formula @LKV(CLAY.RET,RZ1/7)
  2. Red BulletDelta-T Profile Probe - Choice of site identification is: Plot or Plot+Sample  or Plot+DeviceID
  3. Red BulletPostGains from File - If site is not in lookup file the error message can be suppressed. Fix of problem when importing and site is not in the lookup file (Gulf import at Chiltern). Fix of problem saving user setings..
  4. CheckDataBase - Fix of bug if an ALLSEAS.MDB file instead of a 2000DATA.MDB file is entered at SeasonMenu/Edit datafile:.
  5. Red BulletFormulas on Readings screen - A formula can be entered with an '=' e.g. =RZ1/7 to get average VSW in Root zone.

6 November 2000 Version 1.0.213

  1. Red Bullet Delta-T Profile Probe - Uploading from HH2 portable reader ( HH2 application note ). Uploading and conversion to standard post file format can be done on either...
    1. ProbeMenu/Upload - use Settings to choose port and 'HH2'
    2. ProbeMenu/PostReadings/PR1 tab - can also 'Get HH2 Status'
    3. Express Upload
  2. NewSeason - fix of problem with error messages when creating new season.
  3. UploadCNCProbe - conversion of upload file only done if CNC type chosen.
  4. SitesScreenConfiguration - bug fix if screen defintion changes are not saved.
  5. Diviner2000 - bug fix of extra siteID with no data in post file.

17 October 2000 Version 1.0.212

  1. Red Bullet ReadingsMenu/Options - Row width and column height can be entered as a number. Column widths and row height limited when using drag on readings screen.
  2. Red Bullet PostReadings - Diviner, CNC and PR1 - posting serial number made optional with check box.  List and edit Diviner csv files added. A new post file name automatically generated for Diviner.
  3. GraphReports - adjustments to Depth&Time&CIC report layout.
  4. FileMenu/Export/IrrigationHistory - Fix of bug if tube position not entered. Fix of bug if delivered amount=0 mm
  5. GraphMenu/Styles - List of style names refreshed if style name changed.
  6. GraphMenu/FieldLists - Fix of bug when creating a new field list.
  7. GraphMenu/SetStyles - fix of bug when removing local max and min scale values.

6 October 2000 Version 1.0.211

  1. GraphMenu/Styles - Fix of problem with 'plot upper limit in RootZone1 style
  2. ProbeMenu/PostReadings - Fix of problem if Diviner backup directory or disk is removed
  3. FileMenu/Export/Readings - Fix of problem of printing %TAW (if chosen on ReadingsMenu/Display)

24 August 2000 Version 1.0.210

  1. Red BulletNewSeason - 'New season' options made visible when user chooses 'New'.

21 August 2000 Version 1.0.209

  1. Red BulletReportColours - HTML-type hex coding allowed to define colours.
  2. Red BulletReports - right align numeric code allowed for text alignment in graph and text reports.
  3. NewSeason - fix of error introduced in 1.0.206 when copying last season data.

8 August 2000 Version 1.0.208

  1. Red Bullet Security - New electronic security system allows Prwin to be used without a physical dongle. Licenses can be issued by email or fax.
  2. PostReadings(CNC) - Manual conversion of CNC post file enabled.
  3. Diviner 2000 - LastPostDate enabled.
  4. Red Bullet Delta-T ProfileProbe - Upload file format made same as HHRead format. (still waiting for HH2 to test upload). 
  5. PostReadings - SerialNumber=0 posts readings as 'manual entry' data (no calibrations)

25 May 2000 Version 1.0.207

  1. Upload - Ability to upload from Delta-T ProfileProbe
  2. Red BulletPostReadings -  Ability to import and post readings from Diviner2000 (see Diviner2000 application note ).
  3. PostIrrigations - Fix of lookup file error when importing from Gulf(Agriplas).  Lookup column positions no longer automatically set.
  4. SaveReadings - fix of error message when saving fixed data (full, refill, etc)
  5. Export/Print - fix of error when printing 'selected' sites.

15 May 2000 Version 1.0.206

  1. Red Bullet Backup - Faster exit from Prwin when confirming backup because drive A is not checked first. Backup option defaults to 'Manual'.
  2. GraphOptions - Some options were not being saved under all circumstances. (This was 'fixed' before... so could still be a problem !)
  3. Red Bullet FileMenu/Export/Sites - The actual report that is run when user chooses 'SITES', 'IRRIGATION', 'GAINS' or 'SerialNumber' can now be customised on ProbeMenu/SystemOptions/ReportFiles
  4. Red Bullet FileMenu/Export/Any - All report definition files (C:\PRWIN\*.RPT) are now listed under menu 'Any'
  5. Calibrations - If user changes a calibration option (eg 'Use Count ratio' method) the calibrations are re-loaded correctly; fix of readings screen problem when using option 'Count Ratio method'
  6. GraphStyles - The graph styles file (default='PRGSTYLE.TXT') can now correctly be changed to be an valid filename (8.4 format) e.g. CICSTYLE.TXT
  7. NewSeason - Fix of 'zero-length string' error when using early version of 'PRWIN.MDB '
  8. Red Bullet PostReadings and Upload - Support for CNC neutron probe (see separate manual)
  9. ChineseFont - Slight adjustment to font width to allow Chinese characters on graphs and reports (no effect on 'standard' character sets) .
  10. ErrorMessage - Problem with 'Type' not found' message fixed .

18 April 2000 Version 1.0.204

  1. Language - All text used in menus, screens and messages moved to a language file, to enable non-english languages. Language specified on ProbeMenu/SystemOptions.
  2. ScreenDefinitions - Extra screen definition files with extension SPT  in the Prwin directory  are made available to the user.  Screen definition US.SPT supplied.
  3. SitesMenu - new menu item to choose screen definition (Note: there is a problem with calculated fields when changing screen definitions.  The fields are correctly calculated when the programme is restarted)
  4. GrapthReportDefinitions - Extra graph definition files with extension GPT  in the Prwin directory are made available to the user.  Graph definition file DALCROM.GPT supplied. Standard graph report definition file GITEMS.TXT re-organised to provide more reports e.g. Annual Summary, Latest State.
  5. GraphPrinting  - Internal change to font size to speed print. (Font.Size changed to FontSize)
  6. EditSeasonFile - Vertical scale automatically set as a file is loaded.

5 April 2000 Version 1.0.203

  1. Reports - New variables  -  RZTEXT1, RZTEXT2 and RZTXT3. to print root zone definitions e.g. '0-130cm'    Latest values for root zones 2 and 3 also available in variables RZVALUE2 and RZVALUE3
  2. GraphStyles - Ability to hide right-hand axis - needed when displaying list of all VSW's.

19 March 2000 Version 1.0.202

A permanent wilting point column (optional) has been added. Although the feature was added at the request of some users in the Napa Valley who report water status as 'PercentTotalAvailableWater' (PWP=0%; Full=100%; Refill=40% (say)), it could be generally usefull for wine grapes that are often stressed below 'refill' and a marker at 'PWP' is needed.

To plot the PWP profile on a depth graph, use GraphsMenu/Options/DepthGraph
(The colour, etc of the profile is set at GraphsMenu/Styles and use Style Number 19)
To plot the PWP line on a time graph use GraphMenu/Styles, choose 'RootZone1', and set the option 'PlotPWP'.

  1. Readings/Graphs - Ability to display and graph the VSW and RootZone values as a PercentTAW.  Readings Menu re-organised to allow selecting display mode.
  2. Readings - Optionally include a Permanent Wilting Point column on the readings screen. Activated with ReadingsMenu/Options.
  3. DisplayUnits - Various problems fixed when using depths in 'feet'.
  4. GraphStatus - Values in status bar at bottom of screen were incorrect if non-metric units were selected.
  5. GraphStyles - Plot PWP option added (use in 'RootZone1' style). For depth graphs, style 19 is being used to control the PWP profile - it will need to be edited by users.  Error fixed if 'automatic colour' was chosen for shading 'Full-Refill'.
  6. GraphOptions - option to plot PWP profile on depth graphs.
  7. Readings/Graphs - Ability to 'make PWP' added to popup and main menus.
  8. Reports - variable 'PWP' used in a report definition file will return the value of permanent wilting point (in mm)

10 January 2000 Version 1.0.201

  1. Readings - Delete columns before or after a given date now deletes correctly.
  2. PostGain - When posting a flood irrigation the amount can be blank.(Prwin does not need the amount for a flood irrigation)
  3. Groups - Error fixed if all groups, including 'LATEST', are deleted. If the 'LATEST' group has been deleted, it is correctly re-created when posting readings.
  4. Season files - Changes to improve speed of loading and calculation
  5. DisplayUnits - Set 'd/m' or 'm/d' default date formats added.

12 December 1999 Version 1.0.200

  1. Sites - fix (hopefully, at last) of problem of duplicated data on sites screen.
  2. PostReadings - Fix of problems when posting to sites that have a different number of depths ('long tubes' and 'short tubes').  This was a major change internally, but there should be no difference to user. Posting stopped at beginning if dongle not present.
  3. PostReadings and PostGains - The estimated DWU now correctly picked up from either the global DWU, or from a site specific formula set at Readings/Scheduling.
  4. Graphs - Fix plotting 'number of days between irrigations', problem with 'ProbeDWUonRZ1'; 'units' display on graphs.  Date formats for depth graph legends and labels now user settable on GraphOptions/Formats
  5. Readings - Date format correctly set on ReadingsMenu/Options.   Same format used in 'GoTo Date' list boxes.
  6. Uploading - Removal of silly feature to automatically revert to PRINT LP mode if no comma on incoming data.
  7. PrintExport - Radio buttons to choose sort field; sort saved in RPT file.  Fix of multi-copy printing problem (still have error with no lines on second+ copies).  Date criteria example quoted with #1/1/2000#.
  8. FileMenu/PrintGraphReports - Fix of problem with graph scale global/local.
  9. DisplayUnits - All date formats on new tab, for easy switch to m/d/yyy format.
  10. AutoColours - Use GraphMenu/Styles/Colours/AutoColour - 'Set default colours' button added.

Missing features

The following features and functions are still to be implemented in V 1.0.- All Done!!!!

  1. Gains Report - printed report of total delivered and effective rainfalls and irrigations for each site (1.0.190)
  2. Readings Report - printed version of readings screen - all readings or latest(1.0.190)
  3. Allocation Report - same as PR41 allocation report. Required amounts of water that needs to be delivered in next 14 days; and also historical analysis of whole season(1.0.190)
  4. IrrigationImport - optional combine amounts if posting to same site (v 1.0.192)

Known problems

The following problems and bugs have yet to be fixed.

  1. Graphs - 'double refresh' after leaving GraphMenu (see v 1.0.185, 1.0.189 )
  2. Graphs - buttons not being redrawn (intermittent)  - seems to be associated with low memory.
  3. Graphs - buttons left inactive(grey) [fix: re-plot using GraphMenu]
  4. Readings - errors after changing site definition using SiteMenu/Edit (fix is to change sites)
  5. Readings - 'overflow' if scrolling too fast using scroll bars.
  6. Graphs - Using 'GlobalScales' gives problem with time graph settings (no 'DATE')
  7. Readings/Graphs - Data or Graph settings not saved if switching between screens
  8. EditSeasonFiles - 'Error' when loading file if in date format mode
  9. Update - A readings update is not taking place automatically (see v 1.0.187)
  10. Sites/Scheduling - If water is below refill and 'use today'=false, Prwin predicts an irigation date of 31/12/1899, instead of displaying 'Below Refill'.
  11. Sites - data duplicated on sites screen. The data on the readings screen is correct, but on the Sites screen it appears on the correct site and the site below. (Fixed v1.0.200)

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Requested features and functions

The following features have been requested for future versions.

Send other requests or comments to