Probe for Windows: Internet,email and SMS

Probe for Windows can upload files to internet sites, and send reports by email and SMS.

Files, emails and SMS can be sent automatically, or they can be checked and changed in a queue before sending.

FTP files

A list of all files ready to be sent to the web server using ftp, with the folder they will be sent to.

All or selected files can be sent, or selected files can be removed from the queue.

Files that need to be uploaded occasionally, such as CSS or logo files, can be added to the queue.

A folder for each grower on the ftp server can be created.


Each email ready to send will be listed. All or selected mails can be sent, or selected emails removed from the queue.

The email address, subject and content of emails can be edited before sending.

Copies of all emails sent can be logged in a file.

New emails can be added - the email address, subject and message then needs entering. If a grower is selected from the drop down list, the email address of the grower will be entered.

A changed email address can be saved to Edit Grower.


Each SMS message ready to send will be listed. All or selected messages can be sent, and selected messages removed.

The number and SMS message can be changed before sending.

A changed number can be saved back to Edit Grower

The number should be in international format, without a leading '+' e.g 61412345678, where 61 is the country code. The international code will be added automatically if the code (e.g 614) and the domestic prefiix (e.g. 04) are entered.



Select the ftp service to upload the files.

Outgoing emails SMTP

Enter the name of the SMTP server and your email address. If you are using OutlookExpress, the name of your SMTP server is at ??Menu/???/. For Outlook it is at ??Menu/.

Most mail servers now require authentication with the same username and password used for getting emails (POP3 server).

Emails can be formatted (using html), or sent as plain text.


SMS are sent via the Clickatell SMS gateway.. You will need to register with Clickatell and buy credits.

Register and buy credits with...

Enter the Clickatell username, password, and API_ID.



Files and copies of all emails and sms messages sent can be saved in log files. So that the files van be archived, the file name can be changed very month, or every year.