PRWIN3 Bugs to complete

ID U Problem RSNE ver date
41 Is it possible to have the Date (LPRBDATE?) in the file name schedule.htm? The intention would be that growers could look at historical schedules and graph files How do growers access historical reports ? Looking at RSS format
103 Maximise Graph, when opening a graph Maximise Sites, when opening sites screen
123 FileMenu/PrintExport/Readings Would it be possible to make a change whereby when exporting Readings to a file, and you have Append selected, not to ask to confirm the file name for each site?! Not Sorted Yet - wish list)
132 Importing Keydata Overflow Sort data 6 error (from Brendan))
142 'Sites'- 'show'- 'group'- 'latest' (from Brendan)) ???
163 Help/About Screen doesn't close on selecting OK, but closes if using X)
171 Error when setting new season based on last season
181Svetlana bug with PlotGauge
19 On Open (Svetlana trace file) Error= [0]: CSeasons:RecordsetOK)
201 Transfers [0]: CSeasons:RecordsetOK [0]: CSites:GetFieldNumber: edwu 21 1 on exit [0]: FSites:GetFieldNumber: edwu)
211 Grapes.kc error (will send trace file on site 1611 Brendan's PC)

Functionality wishlist

I think 2 and 3 are not possible, but 1 and 2 would be great if possible

1 -Would be beneficial to be able to use the mouse scroll button to be able to scroll up and down through the sites list. Mouse Scroll good idea
2 Could PRWIN check against the server that the latest versions of databases are being used and alert if not?
Alternatively, automatically update to latest database?
Alternatively, show time/date of database version?
Database versions- great idea, can almost do this now but have been very wary as could automatically stuff it up if we hadn't got our timing of SEND's right. If there is some wat to check 'latest version' this should work -
3 Think it says it all! An undo or back button similar to other windows programs would solve a lot of headaches from inadvertent deletes etc. Undo button GREAT IDEA! But not possible
4 Comment function is used very frequently- could this be a free text box in the area where comments show rather than a double click from 'graphs'- 'comments' Comments - great idea