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Status of software at 12 Feb 2015

Download Full installation [5 Mb]    latest upgrade (v1.0.245) [1.1 kb] | (v1.0.246 Aozuo/IPH only)

Latest version of AccessJr as ZIP file (38 kb) or EXE file (100 kb).

AccessJr - 32 bit version to run on W10: AccessJr32.exe (220 kb), or full install of AccessJr 32 (6.1 Mb) with VB6, DAO. November 2022

Probe for Windows runs on 32 bit versions of XP, Vista, W7. It will not run on 64 bit versions of Windows.

Note: 64bit Windows is only required for software like AutoCad, and a few games.
A new Windows 64bit computer can be downgraded to 32bit.
Some users have reported that Windows Professional has an XP mode, and will run Probe for Windows.
A UK user has reported running on Windows 8/32bit in W7 compatible mode.

Manual in PDF format(570kb) for printing (A4 or Quarto !) or viewing with Adobe Acrobat.

Installation Check List (50kb) , Quick Guide (50kb) and Neutron Probe Field Guide (26kb) (for laminating) in Word (DOC) format.

Earlier versions (each 1,100kb)1.0.217 | 1.0.229 | 1.0.230 | 1.0.232 | 1.0.233 | 1.0.240 | 1.0.242 | 1.0.243

Upgrade history, missing features, known problems and bugs, and features requested for release 2.

Vista upgrade suggestions Wish List

Download the latest help file (450k) (includes HDK3CTNT.DLL, missing on some installations)

Threed16.ocx is a shared Microsoft file that is being deleted on some PC's, possibly when other software is uninstalled. The solution is to do a full install (5 Mb), and then upgrade to your version.

You can also download threed16.ocx - it needs to go in C:\Windows\System and then registered with REGSVR.EXE (and not REGSVR32).

Download sample data (600 k) used in schools and shipped with Prwin

Download sample cotton data(760kb).

On some PC's the Rainbow Sentinal dongle sometimes need a Sentinel System Driver v5.41 to allow the dongle to be used. The driver is always needed with NT and XP, but sometimes with W98. Download (500kB) driver from ftp.rsne for W95, W98

Probe for Windows: Version 2 (gamma)

Installing Upgrades

When you download a new version of the software your browser should ask you where you want to save the file (e.g. UPG217.EXE). You can save it in any folder, but you might consider creating a folder called, say, C:\1FROMNET.

After it has downloaded, use Explorer and double click on the downloaded file. A normal Windows installation programme will run and prompt you to install the new version in C:\PRWIN. You can then delete UPG217.EXE , or you could keep it in case you need to re-install.

Send bug reports and requests to