Probe for Windows can print text (T) reports, graph (G) reports, and some special (S) reports.

Text reports can be printed; the data exported as text files; or the data sent to the clipboard.

Graph reports can be previewed on the screen; printed; or sent to MS Paint, Powerpoint etc with <copy> on the preview screen and then pasting with <Ctrl+V>.

Below are some examples of reports - text and graph reports can be customised by the user, and new reports can be created.

Type Report FileMenu Description
(T) Sites Export/Sites The current status of all sites, with the full and refill points and predicted irrigation dates.
(S) Readings Export/Readings All readings taken on each site - essentially a paper version of the readings screen.
(T) Irrigations Export/Irrigation Quantities The date and amount of water that needs to be delivered to each site. Can be given to the valve operators, or sent directly to an automatic irrigation controller.
(S) Irrigation History Export/IrrigationHistory An end-of-season report showing the delivered and effective irrigation amounts for each site, and for the total farm.
(S) Scheduling Export/Irrigation Scheduling A diagram showing irrigation requirements and required pumping rates for the next 14 days.
(T) Gains Export/IrrigationSummary Total water delivered to each site in the season, and the season water use efficiency.
(G) Recommendations PrintGraph - Depth+Time+Agritech A depth graph with the last 2 readings, a time graph, the current status of the site, and irrigation recommendations.
(G) Season Summary PrintGraph - SeasonSummary A summary of the season for each site, with time graph, total water delivered and effective, and water use efficiency (yield/amount of water used)
(G) Cumulative water use PrintGraph - TimeGraph An overlaid time graph comparing the cumulative water use during the season by four separate sites.

Use FileMenu/Export or FileMenu/GraphReports to print in 'batch' mode for all or selected sites.

Use GraphMenu/Options/Reports to nominate 'preferred' graph reports - they will then be used if you use the <PRINT> button on the graph screen.

Use ProbeMenu/SystemOptions/ReportDefinitions to customize reports.